Draw date Winning numbers Bonus Ball
April 2014  
Wed 23 Apr 15-19-32-33-38 40
Sat 19 Apr 1-31-32-38-41 10
Wed 16 Apr 10-16-20-43-46 9
Sat 12 Apr 7-12-16-31-38 36
Wed 09 Apr 9-10-26-36-44 42
Sat 05 Apr 3-25-34-42-49 15
Wed 02 Apr 4-16-21-35-40 25
March 2014  
Sat 29 Mar 9-20-33-35-42 12
GBP 10k Hot Ticket SD12512972944
GBP 5k Hot Ticket EH0050505135
GBP 5k Hot Ticket PHLCJW459641
GBP 5k Hot Ticket PZ0602424470
GBP 5k Hot Ticket EH0050555012
GBP 2k Hot Ticket IM16194132655
GBP 2k Hot Ticket EH0050452038
GBP 2k Hot Ticket EH0050572150
GBP 2k Hot Ticket PHLCJW435776
GBP 2k Hot Ticket IW11319938605
Wed 26 Mar 10-20-39-41-50 35
GBP 5k Hot Ticket IW00852103526
GBP 5k Hot Ticket PHLCJT353500
Sat 22 Mar 13-19-32-40-49 10
GBP 10k Hot Ticket PO7RFO013RQS
GBP 5k Hot Ticket EH0050118662
GBP 5k Hot Ticket EH0050282385
GBP 5k Hot Ticket EH0050324871
GBP 5k Hot Ticket SD01158509605
GBP 2k Hot Ticket PHLCJT811634
GBP 2k Hot Ticket PHLCJT623722
GBP 2k Hot Ticket POENJ306O6N3
GBP 2k Hot Ticket PHLCJS371395
GBP 2k Hot Ticket EH0050326831

* Top prize only

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