£1 Million Jackpot Campaign

And abolish the 10% of ticket sales rule!

You may be shocked to know that because of outdated, long-forgotten legislation, we at The Health Lottery, like all other society lotteries, are restricted by how much money we are allowed to raise and how much we can give away in jackpot prizes.

We want to be able to offer you a life-changing £1m jackpot regardless of sales but, even though we are able to guarantee the prize, the Government is simply stopping us from doing so.

Even more importantly, the ability to offer such an attractive jackpot would generate significant additional money for the 2,900 vital local health projects and charities across Great Britain that are supported through The Health Lottery.

Had the £1m jackpot regardless of sales been granted six years ago when the Government began its consultation process, it is estimated that an extra £150m would have been generated for good causes.  However, as a result of the Government’s inaction, many charities and projects are now at risk of closure.

For six years, we’ve been telling the Government this, but Ministers simply haven’t been listening. So now charity lotteries and the best lottery sites are campaigning. to highlight the risk that exists for so many good causes across Great Britain, all because the Government has failed to abolish the 10% of ticket sales rule that stops charities from letting you win a £1m jackpot.

You want to win more - we want to pay you more - you want to help provide a secure future for worthy causes – the Government doesn’t appear to want to know.

There is one person however who could sort this out in an instant – and that’s our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. So, we’re appealing to Boris to do the right thing NOW.

Listen to a live interview on talk radio about the campaign


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