777 Scratch Cards - 7 Fun Facts

Lucky numbers can be very personal. When it comes to choosing lottery numbers, people often choose those that have personal meaning to them: birthdates, anniversaries, house numbers, and more. But if you ask the average person what their favourite number is, many will quickly answer “7”. It’s for this reason that you see that numeral used in a lot of games, including our 777 scratch card which you can play online at our Scratch Games page.

If you look, you’ll probably see sevens everywhere. It’s an auspicious number in many cultures. So let’s learn more about everyone’s favourite lucky number:

7 Fun Facts About Lucky Number 7

  1. The number 7 has many connotations in China. In Confucianism, harmony is represented by a combination of seven things: the five elements (wood, air, fire, water, and metal), and yin and yang. There are also seven sacred treasures in Buddhism.
  2. Seven is the maximum amount of objects most people can recognize at a glance. Anything more, and we have to count them to be sure of the number. We also have a difficult time remembering more than 7 things in a sequence.
  3. Although many of us remember the story of Noah’s Ark involving Noah bringing two of every animal, in the Bible, he was actually ordered to bring seven of every "clean" animal, and only a pair of the "unclean". Not surprisingly, most illustrators prefer to draw only two of each.
  4. Seven has been a popular number in stories since time immemorial. Sinbad had seven journeys. Snow White had seven dwarven companions. Salome’s dance involved seven veils. This fascination has carried over into the modern area. A quick visit to IMDB shows that there are at least 84 movies with “7” in the title, ranging from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to The Magnificent Seven to 7 Years in Tibet.
  5. In numerology, 7 is seen as a very intellectual number. Like many intellectuals, it has a strength for analytical thought and curiosity, but a weakness for reclusive behaviour. The number 777, seen as a combination of two powerful numbers (3 being another numeral that we put a lot of significance on), is considered to represent focused inner wisdom. This concept of multiplied significance probably also explains why we see 777 as a lucky number, hence its appearance on the 777 scratch card!
  6. The medieval European educational system consisted of seven liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, logic, music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy. Science hasn’t recorded whether they also had to play dodgeball in PE.
  7. Of course, not all associations with the number 7 are pleasant! There are, after all, seven deadly sins in the Catholic religion, of which greed is one. It’s important to keep that in mind when playing 777 scratch cards and other games: always play responsibly and never let greed or bad luck convince you to wager more than you planned.

Playing 777 Scratch Cards on The Health Lottery

At The Health Lottery, we’ve got our own version of the famous 777 scratch card. In fact, we really took the idea of lucky number seven and ran with it… Each 77p online scratch card gives you a chance at a £7,777 maximum prize. That’s a lot of 7s! The game offers 2.51 odds of winning a prize.

Of course, you don’t have to believe that 7 is a lucky number to enjoy playing 777 scratch cards, or any of our 7up scratch card bundles.  Register an account with us to join in the fun!  

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