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Introducing 7UP: 7 Lottery Scratch Cards in One!

The number 7 carries with it a certain air of magic, superstition, luck, and enigma. Even for people not mathematically minded this number remains shrouded in mystery and has a certain compelling magnetism!  

In sport, number 7 is consistently associated with the most iconic players. In football especially, this lucky number has held the attention of the world due to the talent who have worn this coveted digit. 

Number 7 jerseys historically are borne by the greatest players in the world, players such as Kenny Dalglish, David Beckham, and George Best. Today, arguably the world’s most talented and good-looking football player Cristiano Ronaldo associates luck with this number and is quoted as saying “the number 7 shirt is an honour and a responsibility, I hope it brings me a lot of luck.”  

Ronaldo’s quote sums up the fascination about this powerful number and the association of luck attributed to it; why do we not assign the same popularity to, say, the inadequate number 5? If we look at the history encompassing this magical number, we can see why the number 5 is simply too mundane to make it in the world of profound and unique numbers.  

In movies and folklore, the famous enigmatic spy James Bond’s codename 007 simply would not quite cut it if it were any other number, and those loveable fairy tale heroes, the seven dwarfs who protected Snow White from evil, surely would not be the same if they were any other number of dwarfs?

Number 7 is also associated with beauty and nature; for example, there are 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 harmonious chakras in meditation, 7 continents, and 7 ancient wonders.  

Is number 7 extra lucky for lottery scratch cards?

In the world of gaming, it is the number 7 that is considered the luckiest of all numbers, especially the 777 combination. You can see this in 777 lottery scratch cards, which often provide the largest cash prizes. 

In fact, when it comes to luck, the firm belief held by many that number 7 is lucky should be taken quite seriously, as the evidence supplied in history demonstrates clearly the positive values and outcomes that come from this select number.  

Little wonder then why it makes perfect sense to take lucky number 7 to a new level, creating 7UP, a new and exciting bundle of 7 lottery scratch cards; all rolled into one epic lottery scratch card game.   

A top prize of £77,777 with the 7UP scratch card game

The Health Lottery already has its lucky and popular number 7 scratch cards, 7-11-21 and 777, providing fun and excitement. The latest addition to our collection, 7UP presents a fun and low-cost scratch card experience.  

It costs only £1.40 per scratch card bundle, a mere 20 pence per card, one of the best lottery ticket prices out there. Each card provides the chance to win £11,111 and the whole bundle together offers a fun and low-cost lottery scratch card in one, with an exciting opportunity to win the top prize of £77,777. 

7UP is subject to the same online lottery rules as our other instant scratch cards, so players must be 16 years or older to participate. Have fun, and remember to always play responsibly! 

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