Can AI Help You Win the Lottery Online?

Ever since the earliest civilizations existed, so too have games of chance in one form or another. For games such as the lottery, there have been competing desires to optimise the odds for those trying to win, and come up with more complex means to keep the draw as fair and impartial as possible. Mathematics is a tool that has been used by both players and game organisers. It has been used for things like card counting, equation solving, and even tracking the odds of the numbers drawn. Random Number Generators, or RNGs, were created to essentially eliminate mathematical calculations and equations in order to prevent any potential predictability in gaming. RNGs pick numbers at random that can not be linked or tied together via an equation or other mathematical formula. They were created to provide a truly random number draw, ensuring that play is fair for all, essentially eliminating the ability to predict the winning numbers or sequence in each lottery play.

Artificial Intelligence and Online Lottery Play

Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the other hand, is a computer- or machine-based intelligence that uses facts, logic, mathematical calculations, patterns, and other factors, without the impedance of human emotion, morality, or thought processing to continuously learn and grow. It has been used both in an attempt to overcome the lottery odds and increase one's chance of winning, as well as being used to test the true randomness of RNGs. As we examined in an article earlier this month, testing of RNGs is meant to ensure that the game is as fair as possible so that outcomes, winning numbers, or patterns can not be calculated. AI can be taught to search for the patterns in the numbers and the games that would allow the player to essentially beat the game and ensure a win every time. Thus, RNGs and AI both play an essential role in keeping the odds fair for all players looking to win the lottery online

AI is also becoming popular as a means to help tackle gambling addictions and risky behaviours by providing a risk analysis of a player’s actions and history in real time. At-risk gambling behaviours can quickly be identified by combining the latest research into problem gambling with the power of AI. This allows for tailored interventions based on the individual player. These interventions can be in the form of personalised communications, tailored offers from the site to the player, or even a series of choices that the player has to make. One site that offers this service is BetBuddy. By using real time analytics and AI, online gambling becomes safer for those that may be at a higher risk of problem gambling, which makes charity lottery games and sites safer for their players. 

Customisable Game Play and Instant Winning

Online lottery play makes it even easier to tailor offers to each individual player based on their preferred games, times of day they play, types of bets made, and more. With big data analytics, such as those compiled by AI, companies are better able to target their marketing towards a specific player’s interests, such as sending a player special bonus bets during a time when the player doesn’t normally play, or offering a player special odds if they fulfill set parameters. By studying the player’s gaming habits, AI can make suggestions, encourage more plays, and even adjust the odds to keep the player interested and engaged in the game for a longer amount of time, thus increasing their enjoyment as they play and try to win the lottery online. This use of technology is best combined with AI that can monitor for risky behaviour, to ensure that players aren’t continuing to play beyond their means or otherwise engaging in problematic gambling.

Online gambling has also made the concept of instant win even more instantaneous by providing immediate results for the games played. Lottery scratch cards were once the quickest way to determine whether or not a player had won a prize. Now players are able to place their bets, and depending on the game they are playing, they can view the winning results within seconds, rather than taking the time to purchase their scratch card, scratch the play spaces, and then review to see if they have a winner. With online game play, players no longer have to wait to scratch their cards, or review their results to see if they have won. The site will notify them if their bet is a winning one or not. Many players claim that online scratch cards, with their enhanced graphic features, animations, demo modes, and clearly displayed information, provide a much better experience than traditional paper scratch cards.

Technology has definitely advanced and changed the way the lottery and gaming is played and accessed, and as technology becomes more advanced, so too does the way games are played. With added security features and a more fair and random experience that is tailored towards the individual player, it’s no wonder more and more people are logging in to try and win the lottery online.

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