play lottery by direct debit online

Why do many players prefer to play lottery by Direct Debit?

Ever since the 1960s, paying by Direct Debit is one of the most straightforward and flexible payment options for consumers. When it comes to online lottery subscriptions, life is simpler due to the very nature of the Direct Debit Mandate, as it provides peace of mind for lottery players worried about missing a weekly draw. 

With today’s busy lifestyles and increasing popularity in digital and subscription services, Direct Debit continues to grow. If you choose to play lottery by direct debit in order to partake in your favourite lottery games, you will experience no delays or issues such as lost debit card or expiry, everything is seamless.  

Playing the lottery via direct debit is straightforward; you may pick any of the lottery games on offer. Choose your favourite numbers or opt for a random quick pick, select which of the regular draws in which to take part, and voila! 

From thereon, a harmonious process, automatic as per your chosen settings, including ongoing entry into weekly draws for as long as you wish.

Never miss a game when you play lottery by Direct Debit

Are you wondering how to play the lottery using direct debit for your games? The concept behind Direct Debit lies in the total and absolute control of finances as laid down by strict banking regulations. Direct Debit provides peace of mind and ensures your payments are extremely secure and protected by bank guarantees.  

Payment by direct debit provides players with a method of payment that is secure and automated. The gaming industry uses reputable payment service providers to ensure their payment processes and security mechanisms are cutting edge, providing continually updated resilience against malware and cyber-attacks.

Players who play scratch cards online with a Direct Debit payment method can be sure that their private and confidential information has the protection as dictated by strict European regulations laid down by data protection regulators including financial authorities in the form of direct debit guarantees. 

Private and confidential information also comes under similar strict safeguards, protected by the industry’s robust security, compliance and confidentiality software, continually updated.  

If you decide you no longer wish to play via direct debit, cancel without prejudice by contacting your bank at any time with the request, and we do request you contact us to update us on any changes.

A clear explanation as to how Direct Debit works is as follows:

Complete a form called a Direct Debit Mandate and, provided you have a bank or building society account; you instruct your bank to debit a flexible or fixed amount on a fixed date and fixed period, usually monthly. There are typically no charges to pay. 

You will be provided with advance notice of collections dates and amounts, which you will be able to check on your bank statement, once the Direct Debit payment is made.  

The benefits of a Direct Debit payment method are it allows for better planning of finances; it is timesaving as, once set up, there is no further admin or running around required, and it is very secure due to robust security systems and direct debit guarantees.  It is important to make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the Direct Debit payment.

Play lottery by direct debit for the quickest and easiest way to receive your winnings

Direct debits can be set up online using our online form. The service is free, and we often run exciting and special promotional offers and savings when you opt for this method to play lottery by direct debit. 

Direct Debit payment is also our preferred method for payment of winnings, due to the smooth process it offers; keeping administrative overheads and running costs to a minimum, thus allowing us to ensure more funds raised through lottery sales goes towards good causes. 

If you are keen to join us to play lottery online, take advantage of our interest-free direct debit option and pay for your online lottery ticket through regular and affordable monthly payments. Join us and other lottery winners who have won through their direct debit subscriptions while supporting lottery charity funding!

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