The Tie Between Charitable Gambling and Corporate Social Responsibility

Charitable gambling is on the rise and it’s no wonder! It’s a great way to raise not only money, but also awareness for causes that could be impacting your own community. The Health Lottery, for example, uses charitable gambling as a means to raise money to help cover necessary health and wellness services that are not always covered through other sources of funding. 

The enduring popularity of charity games can be attributed to how much people appreciate that the lottery was created to raise interest and money for societal needs and concerns. A percentage of the money raised goes directly back into the community to fund local health related charities and causes that focus on making quality health and wellness programs available to everyone, no matter where they live or their social status.

By making it easy for the public access to enter the lottery online or purchase entries at any number of local businesses, charity lottery providers create a fun and convenient way for people to help address social concerns, that also offers the chance of a big reward! 
Throughout history, lotteries have been used for various reasons, including the betterment of society in a way that is fair and impartial, raising funds for charitable causes, or as a means to fairly and impartially grant rights, rewards, or choose individuals for a variety of life improvements. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s modern age, public image is becoming more and more important for individuals and corporations alike. How a company presents itself publicly can either make or break its standing in society. Social networking often influences the image of a company and there is no faster way to boost that image than through programs that benefit the betterment of society in one way or another. Things like the ethically sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, or programs that give back to the environment or rebuild areas fraught with strife, or performing the simple but impactful act of donating proceeds and profits to various charitable organisations can greatly increase a company’s public image, gaining them more loyal followers, consumers, customers, and even potential job candidates. 

Once a company has achieved a certain level of success, it is often in their best interest to give back to the community and the world that has helped them to get where they are today. Increasingly, many consumers and even potential employees are looking at not only what the company can do for them, but what the company itself does for the community and the world at large. Those businesses that strive toward positive social, environmental, or humanitarian change not only attract more consumers, but also potential employment talent that can help further the goals of the company or business. 

The Benefits of Charitable Gambling to Raise Funds

The Health Lottery embraces the concept of corporate social responsibility in its mandate to help raise money and awareness for twelve different community interest companies that represent the different local authority areas in England, Scotland, and Wales. It is through the idea and practice of social responsibility that the lottery is able to raise funds and awareness for issues that may have otherwise gone overlooked. Since its inception, it has raised over £111 million for local health related charities and grassroots organisations which have supported over 3,000 community projects. Yakir Firestane, Director of Online at the Health Lottery said: “We believe that corporate social responsibility is paramount in online gambling. It helps lottery providers to stand proud in front of customers, general public and stakeholders and enables companies to grow and raise more much needed funds for good causes”

Those wishing to support their local community are able to enter the lottery online, or they can purchase tickets at any number of local establishments. This allows everyone the freedom to purchase and play while they are out and about or from the comfort of their own home, the train, or wherever else they may be! Charitable gambling is an effective way to raise funds, awareness for vital causes, and even potentially be rewarded just for helping out the community at large.

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