You don't have to go out of your way to play lotto online

Why Go Through All This When It's Easy to Play Lotto Online?

If you’re in Great Britain, it’s easy to play the lottery. You can buy tickets at a retailer, play lotto online, or load up an app from your favourite lottery provider. But not everyone can get lottery tickets easily, and some people have gone to great lengths to have a chance at winning.

Taking a Road Trip to Buy Tickets

In the United States, Powerball is a large, popular lottery. However, it is not available in every state. Six states do not sell lottery tickets: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah. For those who live near the border of a state that does have Powerball, it’s a simple matter to pop across state lines and buy a lottery ticket. Others, however, may have to travel farther. Would-be lottery players in Alaska and Hawaii are especially unlucky, as they are not adjacent to the rest of the country!

Powerball even has a powerful international lure. Canadians will cross the border to buy tickets, and visitors from other countries may buy a ticket while on vacation. Interestingly, while it’s not illegal to buy a ticket while in the United States, it is illegal to try to bring it back across the border into the US. That is to say, if you bought a ticket in the US, then went home to your own country, found out you won, and then tried to return to the States to claim your prize, your ticket could be confiscated! So if you’re ever planning to visit the United States and want to play the famous Powerball while you’re there, make sure you buy a ticket for a draw that is happening before you go home!

Of course, we’re familiar with cross-border lottery play much closer to home as well. Many UK residents have been known to cross the border to try their luck with the Irish Lottery. Thankfully, there’s no restrictions for claiming such prizes! Still, while a big Irish jackpot might be tempting, it’s far easier to do lotto online. You don’t even have to get in your car.

Buying and Selling Winning Lottery Tickets

Have you heard of “10% cashing”? This is a scheme where someone buys a winning lottery ticket from the winner for a slightly lower price, and cashes it themselves. This sort of scheme proliferates in areas where you have to visit a lottery office to claim your prize, or where winners can’t retain their anonymity. These winners are willing to give up a percentage of their prize in order for the convenience of letting someone else deal with the hassle of actually cashing the ticket. The state of Massachusetts tried to crack down on this sort of scheme by banning payouts to what they called “frequent cashers”, that is to say, anyone who was cashing more winning lottery tickets than seemed statistically likely.

Keep it Simple: Play Lotto Online or Join a Syndicate

It shouldn’t be hard to play the lottery. Thankfully, there are many easy options to participate in The Health Lottery’s regular draw. You can open up our lottery mobile app and purchase a ticket any time, or set up direct debit so you never miss a draw.

Being part of an in-person or online lottery syndicate continues to be a popular option. Whether your syndicate consists of your coworkers, your best mates, or your extended family, you’ll increase your chances of winning by having a share of multiple tickets each time your group plays.

Sure, it may be fun to try out another country’s lottery when you’re on holiday, but it sure is nice to have the convenience of playing lottery closer to home!

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