“Are You Going to Play Lotto Tonight Online?” How Gambling is Part of Our Lives

The internet has changed the face of gambling and lottery for good. In the past, if you were in the mood you would have to physically go down to the bookies, the store, or the casino to place your bets, buy your tickets, or enter prize raffles; advances in technology have made online gambling even more accessible than ever before. Now, in addition to all of those options, you can also download an app on your phone, computer, or other mobile device, log in to a website, and start playing from anywhere. Many see this as a fun and exciting way to relax after work, connect with their peers, or to just kill a little time. It’s fun and easy to play the lotto tonight online or really anytime the player sees fit.

Though there are many different sides to gambling, many see it being a balance between temptation, reward, risk, and emotion. Those that gamble responsibly, or only occasionally, often balance the temptation to make that first bet, the potential reward of a prize or pay out, the risk of the unknown, and the elation of a win. Responsible gambling can be something that is enjoyed with minimal losses, but with the potential of a fun and unexpected win. It is now an everyday socially accepted activity to play an online charity raffle or lottery, even among those who see themselves as cautious or aware gamblers, or “flutterers.”

Gambling for Fun Versus Risky Gambling

Studies have shown that many people are introduced to gambling either through their family or their social circles. This often dictates what they view as being an acceptable level of gambling. This also determines what is considered risky gambling behavior versus socially acceptable fun gambling behavior for each individual. Many believe that those at a higher risk for problem gambling tend to be those with addictive personalities; those who are easily manipulated by catchy emails, advertisements and peer pressure; or those that are simply considered to be more vulnerable. Many believe that those that are considered to be addictive gamblers are thought to get caught up in the moment, or that they are trying to chase their losses with wins, or that they are simply playing to try and get rich quick. Those who are concerned that they or someone in their life is engaged in risky gambling behaviour should visit our Play Responsibly page for helpful resources.

Gambling and the New Social Normal

The idea that online gambling is the new social normal is often reinforced through family, friends, peers, and even pop culture. With its rise in popularity, it is no wonder that many use it as a way to connect to others. Players often find joy in playing the game, are able to find social involvement by bantering with peers about the latest lottery jackpot, find it a fun way to pass the time, play for the quick thrill of the game, to challenge themselves with intellectual games and challenges, or to spend, and potentially earn, a little pocket cash. Those that are looking to use the lotto as a way to socialize can even join or form syndicates which can increase their chances of winning and increases their opportunities to socialize through online gambling.

Online gambling is a fun way to relax in a low pressure setting. It can be done virtually anywhere, at any time. It can be done as a solo endeavor, or players can join a syndicate and really multiply their chances of winning. The Health Lottery offers a great chance for players to not only play and gamble online, but also gives back to the community through the funds raised. Buying a lottery ticket or playing lottery instant win games is a fun way to help the community, socialize with others, pass the time, relax after a long day, and maybe even earn a reward. With all of that in mind, are you going to play the lotto tonight online?

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