Health Millions: A Fun New Betting Site!

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Introducing Health Millions, a new gambling product from the team that brought you The Health Lottery and Health Games! 

What is Health Millions? It’s an exciting betting game where players can participate in jackpot draws and wager on the winning numbers for various major lotteries around the world. Health Millions will feature two weekly draws on Monday and Thursday at 21:00 local time. For each £1 bet, players will get one chance to win £5 million.

How to play for the Health Millions jackpot

In order to bet on the Health Millions Jackpot, players choose six main numbers (ranging from 1-50) and one Health Ball number (between 1-5). The winning numbers are chosen through an iRNG (insured random number generator), guaranteeing a random selection of numbers which are protected via a timestamp mechanism. Players are notified automatically if they win, so there is no worry of missing out on your prize!

Bet on National and International Jackpots

In addition to the Health Millions Jackpot, players can bet on the outcomes of 20 of the top lotteries from around the world. Wager on the winning numbers for US PowerBall, EuroJackpot, German Lotto, and more!

You must be 18 or older in order to play Health Millions. Please play responsibly. does not form part of the lottery scheme operated by The Health Lottery Limited on behalf of 12 society lotteries.

Want to learn more? Visit today for information on how to bet, a full list of which lotteries can be bet on, and more!

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