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Health Related Charities Vital for Seniors - The Health Lottery

Aging: it’s something we don’t often want to think about, but is an inevitable part of life. Many of us have parents that are getting older or grandparents that require an extra bit of care, but what about the elderly who do not have family available to help them out? For some, even basic tasks can be a challenge, and if living alone, things can be even harder. There is also the threat of loneliness, boredom, and ultimately indifference that looms, leading to an increased risk of dementia. Without care and valuable human contact, seniors can face worsening health issues, and potentially a shorter lifespan. Thankfully, there are a variety of health related charities that focus on our elders and making sure their needs are met. 

Social Engagement and Learning

It has been proven that keeping active and engaged can make a dramatic improvement on seniors’ lives and overall well-being. According to scientists, social engagement is vital to staving off dementia. It also helps combat depression and encourages older adults to focus on their own health and wellness. One study found that seniors who, even occasionally, care for their grandchildren have an improved chance of healthy longevity, potentially increasing their life span by as much as five years. It has also been proven that interaction with family improves feelings of responsibility, increased feelings of self worth, and vital physical engagement, allowing seniors to keep up with younger members.

Active engagement with friends and peers helps support a fit and agile mental state as well. Pursuits like dancing, classes, lectures, sports, and book clubs all encourage intellectual development, keeping the mind sharp and active, while physical activity ensures that the body stays in the best shape possible.

UK Health Charity Programmes

The Health Lottery, through charity scratch cards and lottery ticket sales, helps to actively support the elderly community through donations to a variety of health and wellness related organizations aimed directly at seniors. One such organization, Broxburn United Sports Club (BUSC), helps bridge the age gap through sport, which builds friendships and social links throughout the community. One of the projects which lottery funding has supported is the Alive and Kicking programme, which aims to reduce isolation among people over the age of fifty and encourages activity, movement and a healthy lifestyle. 

Another great resource for seniors is The Asian Resource Centre of Croydon (ARCC). They used funds raised through the best online lottery to support the Visible Elders Project, aimed at bringing together individuals from various Asian cultures. Through a variety of activities such as yoga, tai chi, dance ,and morning coffee sessions, everyone is able to come together as a community to stave off social isolation. 

The beneficiaries of a two-year grant, St. Aidan’s Community Group in Sunderland was created to serve community members with dementia, as well as isolated or disabled adults. Through weekly activities, social events, and specialized transport schemes, members are part of a larger support group that helps them maintain friendships and helps build their self esteem.

Health related charities like these and so many others play a vital role in the well being of the community. It is important to continue to support their work via society lotteries and other fundraising efforts. Our elders deserve care, dignity, and community in their golden years.

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