How to Play Lotto Online Responsibly This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for some of the best things in life: family togetherness, gift giving, baked goods, and relaxation. For many, it’s a time of indulgence, whether that means enjoying a plate of cookies, drinking some Christmas punch, or spending extra time playing your favourite lottery games. However, indulgence can easily become over-indulgence, and it’s important to make sure that you don’t do anything in December that you’ll regret in January! Here are our top tips for how to play the lotto online responsibly this holiday season.

Pay Close Attention to How Much You Play

When you have the day off, it can be very easy to lose track of time. This can be pleasant when it means you’ve just spent hours reading a good book or playing games with your children. However, if you’re playing your favourite instant win games, losing track of time can mean also losing track of how much money you’ve spent on playing. When you settle down to play a game, consider setting a timer to go off after a certain interval, or tie your gameplay to some other fixed period in time, such as “I’m only playing until dinner is ready” or “I’ll play until my show comes on.”

Reconsider Your Gaming Budget

Many players either have a specific budget for their lottery play, or it is part of their overall entertainment budget. One great way to enforce this budget is to set up direct debit, and only play with the money you deposit each month.

The holidays may require an adjustment to your budget. You may want to allot less money to lottery tickets and more to buying holiday gifts and treats, for example. Or if you get an annual bonus, you may want to let yourself play a little more during your time off.

Decide What to Do with Any Winnings

Of course, everyone has an idea of what they’d do if they won the big jackpot! But what if you’re playing the best scratch cards and you win £100? Or £500? It’s a good idea to make a plan for how you’ll use any small to medium-sized prizes you win. You might even want to have several plans, depending on the size of your prize. For instance, if you win £10, maybe that’s money that you’ll spend on more lottery play, but a bigger prize could be spent on something special. If you make a plan for your winnings (such as putting them into savings, or buying an extra-special holiday treat for a loved one), you’re less likely to accidentally spend them all on more lottery games.

Don’t Play While Under the Influence

As mentioned at the start of the article, this is a season of indulgence. If you’ve been enjoying some rum-spiked eggnog or had a few mimosas with brunch, it may not be the best time to open your favourite lottery app and buy tickets. Keep your indulgences separated and only play the lottery when you’re clear-headed.

Now You Know How to Play Lotto Online Responsibly!

These tips are applicable year-round, not just for the festive season. Now that you know how to play lotto online responsibly, you can make sure that you always stick with your budget and make smart choices about how much to play and how to spend your winnings. Have fun and have a happy holiday!

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