Progressive Jackpots in Instant Win Games

Progressive Jackpots in Instant Win Games

Probably the most exciting casino slot games are those offering significant wins via progressive jackpots. Because the slots are centralised and only available online, every time anyone plays one of the networked instant win games, it increases the single jackpot, which continues to grow and grow until somebody wins, resetting the cycle to start all over again.

Progressive slots link players across the world or a geographical region, making up one central jackpot. Each stake adds to the pot, progressively growing to mind-boggling prize wins. When a progressive jackpot goes a long time without being won, it builds excitement among the players. Although mathematicians are quick to point out that the odds don’t actually change the longer a jackpot goes unclaimed, the popular belief is that the longer it’s been since someone has won, the more likely it is that someone finally will. As such, players looking for the best chance of winning money like to keep an eye out for progressive jackpots that are “overdue” for a win!

These substantial prizes, and the anticipation that comes from watching them grow, are what makes progressive slots so exciting. Any random spin may be the lucky one that triggers the jackpot. Betting higher amounts increase bonus rounds and the chances to win anything from £10.00 to over £1,000,000. Apart from the jackpots, the slots provide impressive graphics that set them apart from the traditional slots you may have played in previous decades.

The African safari themed Mega Moolah is undoubtedly very popular. Developed by the giant of games development, Microgaming, the game includes clever mechanics such as disguising bonus rounds as animals hiding in the wilderness. Mega Moolah offers a progressive jackpot slot, with record-breaking wins.
Progressive jackpot slots regularly see their jackpots creeping up over the £10 million mark. The beauty of a progressive jackpot win is having the prize paid out as a lump sum rather than annuities. In 2019 the Mega Moolah Jackpot has already triggered 8 times paying over £50 million to winners from January to September. Not many other online slot games come even close to Mega Moolah's lump-sum jackpot pay-outs! 

A British soldier who played Mega Moolah won the “largest jackpot pay-out in an online slot machine game” in 2015, entering the eminent Guinness World Record books with a jackpot of £13.200,000. This record was beaten in 2018 when Mega Moolah paid out a whopping €18,915,872.81 after an anonymous player staked 75 cents from a mobile phone. 


Play Instant Win Games and Support Local Health and Wellness Charities

Health Games is the sister site to The Health Lottery and it offers a fun, easy form of online gambling for 18+ players, accessible from your home computer, tablet, or mobile device. 
You can now make the Health Games your chosen casino to play progressive slots, so that when you seek that big jackpot, you’re also playing to benefit health and wellness charities.

Health Games offers the previously mentioned world-famous Mega Moolah, and other progressive jackpot games: Siberian Storm, Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Wheel of Fortune, and Ocean Belles. Mega Moolah’s Mega Progressive Jackpot starts at £1,000,000 and the five other Mega Jackpots offer a jackpot at a minimum of £500,000. In 2018, one lucky Peterborough resident won the highest lucrative prize so far on Health Games - by betting on the Cleopatra Mega Jackpots game, he bagged £747,425!

Whether your preferred format is desktop, tablet, or mobile, progressive slots and other lottery instant win games are available at your fingertips. With a swipe of a fingertip, you can log in from virtually anywhere and start playing some of the most engaging and accessible progressive jackpot slots online. With many games starting as low as 25 pence a spin, it’s an affordable way to have fun wherever you are.

Mega Moolah is a Great Introduction to Progressive Jackpots 

Mega Moolah is an excellent introduction for those getting interested in progressive jackpot slots. The game offers regular wins and is considered low velocity - great news for low rollers or steady, cautious players.

Mega Moolah is easy to play and offers different opportunities to strike lucky with a couple of impressive pay-outs alongside some mini progressive jackpots. However, because it is so easy to play and the progressive jackpot is so exciting, it can be easy for players to get swept up and not realize how much they have spent on spins. It’s highly recommended to set a weekly or monthly play budget, whether it’s a set number of spins, or a set amount of GBP that can be spent. Some players prefer to stick with one favourite game, whereas others keep track of numerous progressive jackpots and play the “juiciest” ones each week.

A charity game is an excellent way to provide people who enjoy gambling with the quality entertainment experience of playing slots, instant win and casino games in a safe, fun, fair, secure and regulated environment for a chance to win real money.

As long as you’re playing responsibly, there’s no wrong way to play instant win games and try for those big jackpots.

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