Are You Living in One of The Luckiest Places In The UK?

Whether you believe you’re born lucky, or you make your own luck, we all hope for a bit more of it! We’ve been taking a look at some data from the research done by Slingo, showing where the biggest number of winners live in the country. To gain this information, they simply took a look at their data bases and saw where people were receiving the most wins.

Let’s take a trip around the UK and see where statistics show people are winning more regularly. Is one of them your hometown or local area?


Where Are The Lucky Places To Live In The UK?

Of course, winning big on The Health Lottery draws is all down to chance but there are five places whose players statistically win more often.


5. Livingston

This great Scottish town comes in at number 5 with 99.26% wins per 100,000 people. Those are some pretty good odds!


4. Hove & Andover

In joint fourth place, we have Hove in East Sussex and Andover in Hampshire. Both these towns bag an impressive 99.53% of plays resulting in wins.


3. Eastbourne

In the number three spot, we have those lucky ducks living in Eastbourne. With 99.65% of wins per 100,000 people, they’re making plenty of pocket money for fish and chips.


2. West Malling

The little town of West Malling in Kent may be smaller than some of the others listed here. But they proudly take the number two spot with 99.73% of plays resulting in a win.


1. Salford

Taking the top spot for the luckiest city in the UK is sunny Salford. This Northern powerhouse racks up 99.89% of wins per 100,000 people.

if you don’t happen to live in one of these winning towns or cities, fear not! They also took a look at the postcodes with the highest number of wins.


What Is The Luckiest Postcode?

Surprisingly our top five big hitters in the postcode category look a bit different to the towns and cities above. Do you happen to live in one of these areas?


5. Llandudno (LL)

In at number five is the wonderful Welsh postcode for Llandudno, those living in the area take 77.2% of the wins per 100,000 people.


4. Darlington (DL)

The number four spot is taken by those lovely folks in the Darlington area. These guys have around 77.3% of plays resulting in a win.


3. Shrewsbury (SY)

Those living in the Shrewsbury postcode area are the third luckiest, with 78.9% or 100,000 people getting a win.


2. Telford (TF)

Taking second place is the Telford postcode. If you’re living in this area, you might be one of the 82.5% of people whose play results in a win.


1. Exeter (EX)

Our top spot for the luckiest postcode area goes to those living in Exeter. Here nearly 83% of plays end in a win!

Whether you’re in one of these lucky places or not, playing with The Health Lottery is a big win for good causes around the country. So far, we’ve helped funde 3,300 projects and counting, tackling things like loneliness, mental health issues, and Alzheimer’s.



Keeping Things Fun


As much as we can take statistics like these into account, the results of The Health Lottery draws are based on chance.  Remember, when it stops being fun, take a break. As that famous sitcom theme tune says, sometimes “it’s not your day, your week, your month, or even your year” and that’s ok.

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