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Learn about the Monthly Charity Lottery Societies: The 12 Society Lotteries

Learn About Our Monthly Charity Beneficiaries: The 12 Society Lotteries

Supporting The Health Lottery provides assistance to the excellent work carried out by the societies with whom we have a connection. Simply buying a ticket and participating monthly in the charity lottery generates much-needed funds that so many charities find hard to raise.

The Health Lottery benefits twelve community interest companies (CICs)  which are spread throughout Great Britain, rotating throughout the year on a monthly basis. These non-profit organisations represent health inequalities of those disadvantaged people living in Great Britain through community-driven health and wellness projects. 

Money raised by these CICs through The Health Lottery is distributed via the People’s Health Trust, a grant-making body that donates funds to charities and grassroots projects.  People’s Health Trust ensures that funds raised through the regular monthly charity lottery draws are handed over to thousands of projects in Great Britain. These projects include crucial grassroots causes who rely upon these funds the most.  The win-win factor means that every part of Great Britain benefits from the health and wellness charities that exist to tackle health inequalities.

Support regional charities by playing lottery games for real money prizes

The excellent work carried out by The Health Lottery and its societies are reflected in the successful projects and initiatives that have benefitted from the funding. Many millions of pounds have been raised through The Health Lottery’s five weekly lottery draws and lottery games for real money.

Without a doubt, many of these charities would struggle were it not for The Health Lottery and the charitable monthly lottery draws. Many of these charities act as a safety net for struggling families. For example, by ensuring children receive a good breakfast before school and have presentable and suitable school clothing to wear to class, they give disadvantaged students a better chance of succeeding.

The Health Lottery’s monthly charity lottery funding provides a vital service and crucial fundraising tool, allowing charities to thrive and continue to raise money for good causes.

If someone asks you why you play The Health Lottery, you may answer quite confidently that The Health Lottery supports many amazing causes. Also, it benefits the lives of thousands of people across Great Britain. So why not get involved? 

The monthly charity lottery supports many health and wellness charities

Some wonderful initiatives supported through  Health Lottery sales include Newport People First. This project was recently awarded funds for a two-year project aimed at helping people with learning disabilities in the area, allowing them more power to take control over important decisions and provide more choices in their lives. 

Another beneficiary of funds from THL is the Local People Programme based in various neighbourhoods across Great Britain. This involves all members of the community, driven by local people wishing to put something back into the community. 

The project’s success has been due to those with local knowledge. Those who bring their ideas and provide solutions to tackle frustrating issues within their communities and bring about improvements. This is particularly true of young people and the elderly. This initiative brings communities together, helping to benefit everyone within that community by each giving back and developing the strengths and confidence of people. 

The project has already gone to great lengths to uncover talents and skills that might otherwise be lost. The tangible pride and ensuing improvements in these neighbourhoods are ground-breaking and phenomenal. 

In the East Midlands, there is an enterprising health and wellness charity in the form of a boxing club. The team are committed to providing a safe place for children and young adults to vent their frustrations in a controlled environment. Their motto is ‘punch out pressure’.  

The sessions are for everyone to let off steam and provide a great workout for anyone wanting to get fit, but the emphasis is combatting bullying and anti-social behaviour. Such a project has been greatly welcomed and perhaps would not exist if it were not for The Health Lottery.

It’s hard to understate the importance of these local projects, which can do so much to improve mental well-being and self-confidence. Let’s continue to help these grassroots charities serve the needs of the community.

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