5 Reasons to Play Lotto Online with a Syndicate

Are you part of a lottery syndicate or pool? Many players enjoy joining up with friends, family, or co-workers to increase their odds of winning the lottery. While traditionally this has involved collecting cash payments and purchasing physical lottery tickets, syndicates are increasingly choosing to play lotto online. We’ve collected the top 5 reasons for going digital with your lottery syndicate.

#1. Never Miss a Draw

Has your syndicate ever missed a draw because your organiser was away on holiday or off sick? When you set up an online lottery syndicate, you can use a subscription plan to make sure you play as many draws as you want, whether it’s one a week or every draw.

#2. Easier Administration

Pretty much everything is easier to organise when you move it online, and a lottery syndicate is no different. With the wide variety of online payment options available today, the syndicate administrator no longer has to go around the office collecting cash, and players no longer have to worry about remembering to have cash on hand when it’s time to contribute to the pool. There’s no need to go to the shop to purchase the tickets, or to worry about potentially losing the tickets after they’re purchased. Everything is stored securely by your lottery provider. You can also easily check whether any of your digital tickets were winners.

#3. Anyone Can Join Your Syndicate

In the past, lottery syndicates have largely relied on proximity: people who work in the same office, drink at the same pub, or live near to each other. Anyone who had to relocate would have to regretfully pull out of the syndicate and find a new group of mates to play with. However, when your syndicate chooses to play lotto online and do all of the administration virtually, it’s much easier to open your membership to far-flung friends and family, or allow co-workers to continue to play even when they relocate to a new office.

#4. It’s Easier to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

When your lottery syndicate is online, it’s easier to keep everyone informed. You can upload a digital copy of your syndicate agreement so that if anyone ever has a question about how the syndicate is administered, or what they need to do if they want to leave or take a break, it’s easy to access. It’s also easy to share a link to any relevant online lottery rules, if players have questions about how the lottery itself is administered. You can use a digital calendar to notify people of when they need to pay in to the syndicate, which draws the syndicate is participating in, and more. If your syndicate wins, you can easily communicate with everyone on how to divide and pay out your winnings.

#5. Conveniently Transfer Everything to a New Administrator

The time may come when your syndicate needs a change in administration. For instance, in an office-based lottery pool, it’s one thing if the admin moves to a different location, but another thing altogether if they accept a job with a new employer. Alternatively, the admin may simply find that they don’t currently have the time or energy to run the syndicate, and may need to hand the reins over to someone else. When your syndicate is run online, it’s quite easy to simply transfer everything over to a new admin who can keep things running smoothly.

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