Safer Internet Day: Online Gambling

Safer Internet Day: Online Gambling

­­­­­In celebration of Safer Internet Day 2022, we are going to share top tips that every adult should know when it comes to gambling online. This year’s theme is ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’, so we’ve pulled together advice to help you make sure your experience of playing the lottery online is safe and secure.  

How to Spot a Fake Gambling Site

The Health Lottery and Health Games are safe and secure places to play. However, there are websites out there that are not. Some online casinos and lotteries will pose as reputable sites in order to collect your valuable information such as address and payment card information. Luckily, there are lots of ways to spot these fake sites – below we list the practical steps you can take to make sure the site you’re playing on is legitimate.

Check the Site’s Gambling Licenses

The first step you should take before sharing any information with a new gambling website is to check for their license. Most websites will have this available in their footer. For UK websites, you can verify this information on the Gambling Commission’s website. It is important to note that a license does not always mean the website is not fake, however if there is none to be found, you should leave immediately.

Ensure The Site's URL Is Secure

If you visit a website and see a ‘not secure’ alert up by the URL or receive a pop-up error when trying to access it, stay away. One of the easiest ways to make sure any website (online shops, classes, etc.) are trusted to accept payment information is to look for “https://” before the URL.

Anyone can receive an SSL certificate which will enable the HTTPS protocol by purchasing it online, so don’t use it as your only source of information, but if one is missing that is a red flag.

Read Online Reviews

Quality gambling sites can be found on many review sites. To verify its validity, make sure there have been reviews made by many different users across a reasonable amount of time. If there are 10 reviews and they were all made on the same day, they are probably fake.

Safe Gambling Means Protecting Your Data

Now that you have some tools to help you spot a fake website, use them to protect yourself. If something feels off, do not share any of your private information with the site.

It is important to remember that scammers may be trying to access your data in other ways too. If you play online and those games have chat rooms, never share your information with another player – they may not be who you think they are.

If a new browser pops up on your screen asking for immediate information, make sure you take the time to verify that it is the exact same URL as your trusted source.

Important Tip: sometimes scammers use similar URLs to trick unsuspecting players. For example, someone may be using a domain name that looks like but is actually a misspelling like heathlottery or healthlottttery. Taking the extra minute to do your due diligence will keep you protected.

Keeping Yourself Safe

It is important to keep yourself safe when playing online gambling games and lotteries. At The Health Lottery we work to protect those at risk of gambling harm.

For those who find that they are chasing their losses; spending more than they can afford to lose or simply want to take a break from gambling, The Health Lottery operates a self-exclusion policy. This allows you to exclude yourself from using this website for a set period of time to purchase tickets for future Health Lottery draws.

There are many other ways to keep yourself protected and you can read about them on our Play Responsibly page.

Safe Online Gambling

The lottery, online scratch cards and slot games can be tons of fun – especially when you know a percentage of your money is being used to help fund good causes. However, it is important to keep yourself safe and be able to recognize suspicious websites and activity. If you are going to explore new online gaming sites, bookmark this article or create a checklist to keep yourself safe.

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