The best lottery numbers in The Health Lottery, National Lottery & Euromillions

There may not be a way to predict winning lottery numbers, but here we examine how they fell in March through June this year, and lay out the data for you. Make of it what you will!

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The best lottery numbers to play in The Health Lottery

Many believe that looking to the past can help us predict the future. Others subscribe to the view that if a number hasn't been picked for a while - it might feel like it's due. However, it is important to know that, statistically, each number has the same chance of being pulled in each draw. These are the numbers that have appeared the least in The Big Win (The Health lottery's main draw, that runs five times a week) in the three months March - June 2024.

If we run with the "if it hasn't been called recently, it may be overdue" method:

  • The numbers 11 & 39 have only been pulled 6 times
  • The number 15 has only been called 7 times
  • The numbers 21 & 47 have only been pulled 8 times

Could  these be the next winning numbers?

The best lottery numbers for EuroMillions main draw

To win the EuroMillions draw you will need to select 5 balls from a pool that includes the numbers 1-50.

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At first glance, you can see that numbers 1-25 have been pulled more frequently than the 16-50 set.

This could tell us two things:

  • The numbers 26-50 could be overdue to be pulled 
  • However, statistically, the 1-25 set is getting pulled more often

For the biggest prize in the EuroMillions draw, we will also need to match 2 Lucky Stars from a pool of 12 numbers. We will look at this in the next section.

The best lottery numbers for the EuroMillions Lucky Stars

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To keep our data clean and concise, we are taking a look at the Lucky Stars numbers separately. 

  • The numbers 1, 3 & 4 have been drawn 8 times
  • The number 7 has been pulled on 9 separate occasions

To receive the big jackpot, you will need to have all 7 numbers correct.

The best numbers for the National Lottery Lotto

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For Lotto, you only need 2 winning numbers to get involved in their Lucky Stars prize. For the big jackpot, you will need to match with 6 of the main numbers selected.

Unfortunately, we can only use the information we have and hope for the best when picking our numbers!

What were the best lottery numbers in the second quarter of 2024?

Looking at the examples mentioned above, and omitting the Lucky Stars as they are just 1-12 we have identified that: 

  • The 'lucky' number 7 has been pulled 33 times. This is more than any other number 
  • The 'unlucky' number 13 has been pulled 30 times
  • The number 3 has been pulled 28 times 

There is no science that can help you choose lottery numbers before they get drawn, but here are some articles that examine patterns and methodologies. We've got articles about How to choose lottery numbers both using data, and using astrology, plus common methods of picking lottery numbers. Numerology, which is more mathematical than new age could also play a part. 

And if it all seems too much, you can always read about using lucky dip tools like Quick Pick to remove the responsibility of choosing your numbers at all!

When choosing your best numbers, it's all entirely up to you. Feel free to play here, but always play responsibly.

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