Best Online Lottery Stories: Spreading Holiday Cheer

The winter holiday season is many people’s favourite time of year. Time spent with family, the giving and receiving of gifts, participating in traditions of decoration, celebration, reflection, and gratitude. However, for those who either have no family left or are unable to spend time with family for whatever reason, this time of year can be lonely and challenging. The best online lottery and the local grassroots charities supported by lottery funding are doing their part to bring cheer to isolated community members.

The Holidays Can be Hard

For people without family and tradition to bring them joy, this time of year can be incredibly difficult. The colder weather and shorter, darker days can exacerbate physical and mental health conditions such as arthritis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Depression and loneliness can be compounded by seeing others around you enjoy time with family and friends. Likewise, for individuals and families struggling with poverty, this time of year can be a stark reminder of their struggles, when they cannot afford to celebrate as lavishly as others around them.

As individuals, there are steps you can take to help struggling community members. While this year it may not be possible to physically involve someone in your holiday celebrations, you can call or video chat with people you know who live alone. You can send gifts and cards. A heart-felt note can do a lot to lift someone’s spirits.

If your budget allows, consider donating to charities that specifically focus on making the holidays better for families in need. Whether it’s providing meals or gifts, you can bring joy to a household that might have otherwise had to do without the usual trappings of the holiday season.

The Best Online Lottery and Best Local Charities Working Together

People’s Health Trust awards money raised through The Health Lottery to health related charities which help address loneliness around the holidays. One such group is Good Companions, which focuses on providing group activities and home visits for vulnerable and isolated residents of the Nottingham area. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have continued to serve their community with phone calls and doorstep visits, ensuring that elderly and housebound people do not go without valuable social contact.

For the holidays, Good Companions is delivering “Christmas Party in a Bag” packages to the people they serve, and hosting online holiday parties to connect the community. They have also been holding raffles to provide gift baskets to the people they serve.

Without groups like Good Companions, elders, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable and isolated people can go weeks or even months without meaningful social contact. This isolation can be incredibly detrimental to mental and physical health, and even more so in a season that puts so much focus on togetherness. As part of our mission to be the best online lottery, The Health Lottery is proud to be able to support groups who watch out for our most vulnerable community members.

Do Good Whenever You Play

When you participate in The Health Lottery’s regular draw, play instant lottery online, or enjoy some scratch games, you are contributing to People’s Health Trust and supporting charities like Good Companions. Thank you for helping us help the community in this challenging year.

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