UK Lottery Funding Supports Mums in Need

Our mothers gave us life, and in most families, they gave us even more than that: love, support, encouragement, help with our homework, a shoulder to cry on after our first heartbreak. Even after we grow up and move out on our own, many of us still rely on our emotional connection with our mum, calling her with good news and bad, because we know she cares. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder we honour our mothers on Mother’s Day and throughout the rest of the year as well.

Not every mum is given the best circumstances to be there for her family, however. Some mums are plagued by problems like poverty, illness, or postpartum depression and anxiety. For those mothers, it’s important that society provides the resources they need to take care of themselves and their families. That’s why Great British and UK lottery organisations like The Health Lottery must support local grassroots charities who provide services to mums and other parents and carers.

Being a Mother Can be Isolating

While a new mother is rarely alone, she can often be isolated from her friends and family, especially if she’s the only one in her social circle with young children. This isolation has been made worse by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has made it difficult if not impossible for family and friends to visit, help the new mum, and give her some much-needed social time with other adults!

In response to the pandemic, last year Maidstone-based charity The Princess Project began offering telephone-based socialisation, with volunteers calling new mothers and mums-to-be. These calls provided not just friendship, but much-needed support. Mothers who were anxious, overwhelmed, or feeling poorly could speak to someone who cared.

Additionally, The Princess Project was able to provide low-income mothers with essential supplies for infants and young children, such as nappies, clothes, milk, toys, and food.

Women and Mothers Taking the Brunt of the Pandemic

It’s important to acknowledge the impact the pandemic has had on women, and especially on mothers. Disproportionately, mothers have had to either decrease their hours or leave the workforce entirely in order to focus on schooling their children at home. This time away from their jobs can potentially have long-lasting impacts on their careers and lifetime earning potential, which can be detrimental not only to their own well-being, but to the rest of their family as the household has to adapt to a lower income.

While the grassroots organisations which receive lottery charity funding via Peoples’ Health Trust and other UK lottery groups cannot address the widespread issues that face working mothers, they can at least mitigate some of the impact by providing women with someone to talk to, and resources for their families.

UK Lottery Orgs Can Help and So Can You

This Mother’s Day, think about all the mothers in your life. Not just your own mother and mother-in-law, but every woman you know who is raising a child. Reach out to them and see if they need anything. If all the mums in your social network seem to have things under control, look for charities in your neighbourhood and see how you can help, whether by volunteering your time or money, or dropping off a delivery of nappies and baby books. And the next time you want to take part in a lottery draw, make sure you’re choosing a UK lottery which gives back to mothers.

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