should I buy my lottery ticket online?

Buying Lottery Tickets Online

You can play The Health lottery through our website – simply register an account with us to start buying your Health Lottery tickets online. Read on to find out whether or not buying lottery tickets online is right for you.

Millions of people take part in lotteries worldwide, with over half of the UK’s over-18 population buying tickets regularly. The popularity of the lottery is easy to understand, and it is more than merely a weekly draw, it is a much-loved institution with fascinating history, facts, and stories behind each winning draw.  

With so many people playing the lottery, it is easy to understand the growing popularity of playing this old favourite game online. Technological advances have provided one reason for the growth in popularity, as more and more people rely on the convenience of conducting daily tasks on their computer or smartphone. 

A person used to the traditional shop purchase may ask the question “Why should I buy my lottery ticket online?” Read on to find out why one would choose to play online.  

Is it better to buy my lottery ticket online or at a local shop?

The high street or corner shop has its advantages for buying the regular, standard lottery ticket or instant scratch card. Many people love their routines, and the social aspects of shopping at their favourite shop. Catching up with locals, buying tickets, and cashing in on those winning numbers are very rewarding. Use our handy store locator to find where to buy Health Lottery tickets near you

However, for busy executives, working families, and people who live remotely, sometimes this is not a viable option. There is also the risk that small wins may go unclaimed, as for many busy people, travelling to the shop to claim the winnings may take too much time.

Another reason why I might choose to buy my lottery ticket or charity scratch cards online is the exciting array of lotteries and games on offer at the click of the mouse, from lottery draws on offer five days a week to fun themed scratch cards to Slingo and other interactive instant win games.

Apart from busy lifestyles and exciting chances to win the lottery online, another advantage of having an online account is the ease of claiming winnings. An online account credits capped amounts automatically, with various options depending on the organiser. For example, allowing for small wins to be credited as savings, or used to purchase more tickets. 

Is it safe to buy lottery tickets online? Yes, and in some ways even safer than buying in person! A personal reason for many to have an online account is the fact that tickets are kept safe, and not at risk of being lost in the wind, misplaced, or accidentally destroyed. All too often national headlines are splashed across the media with stories of jackpot winners denied their winnings due to defaced tickets, or stories of unclaimed millions due to winners not coming forward. 

Imagine the stress and worry of a winning ticket holder having to keep that precious ticket safe somewhere while they wait to claim their prize and get it paid into their bank account.

Never miss a draw when you use Direct Debit to play online

Another appealing aspect of an online account is that when it is coupled with Direct Debit lotto payments, you can ensure you never miss a weekly draw.

With an online account, players have the power to opt for quick pick numbers or preselect their favourite regular numbers. Murphy’s Law suggests that the week a player forgets to buy a ticket or is too busy to get to the shops, will be the week those winning numbers come up in the draw! 

Sometimes the journey to the shop to pick up tickets may not be the main priority that day, due to other commitments, or maybe the need to go to the cashpoint first to get cash to pay for tickets. Online accounts circumvent these issues and provide the security of never missing a draw.

When you play the lottery online, you will receive other benefits such as regular news about the lottery organisers and the good causes that are close to the heart of many players, as well as special offers, and information about new games, jackpots, and super draws.  

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