Enter The Health Lottery and support HealthForm CIC in Greater Manchester

Win up to £100,000 with the Health Lottery – and help fund fantastic causes in Greater Manchester.

Money raised through The Health Lottery goes directly where it’s needed most in our community, supporting vital local services which wouldn’t otherwise exist.

The Health Lottery and HealthForm CIC

HealthForm CIC raises money through The Health Lottery for projects and charities at the heart of our communities.

Since our first lottery draw in 2011, more than £1.5 million funding has supported these fantastic causes in the Greater Manchester region.

Where does the money raised by healthForm CIC go?

Money raised through The Health lottery has backed local branches of important charities like Youth Sports Trust, Sustrans and The Carers Trust.

Causes supported using money raised by HealthForm CIC include:

  • £14,000 to Levenshulme Good Neighbours to support a befriending scheme for local older people
  • £27,500 for youth club sessions run by Care Ladies Organisation in Salford, aiming to welcome young people from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • £17,705 to fund sewing lessons and social sessions for women in Longsight with Creative Curve

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