Lanarkshire’s social club for deaf children!

In January 2020, funds are being raised for good causes north of the border.  We're thrilled to announce that Health Lottery Scotland has now raised over £11 million for health-related charities!  We’re grateful for the ongoing, loyal support of all our players across Great Britain.

These causes include Lanarkshire Deaf Club SCIO, who were awarded £27,142 in lottery charity funding by People’s Health Trust for a two-year project.  The project provides a range of activities for deaf children, and hearing children with deaf parents, who live in North Lanarkshire in Scotland.

These activities include: family group meetings; a youth club; monthly events with entertainment for children; and a social club on Saturday nights for children and their parents, which organises games and fun activities.  The aim of the project is to minimise any social isolation experienced by deaf children.  It forms part of a crucial community response to a lack of local accessible places for deaf children to meet in.

There are approximately 50,000 children with hearing loss in the UK.  Of these, around half are born with hearing loss while the other half lose their hearing during childhood development.  Research by Action On Hearing Loss demonstrates that the condition can commonly lead to withdrawal from social situations, emotional distress, and depression.  In turn this increases the risk of loneliness.  Yes, hearing aids can alleviate these risks.  However, it is evident that children with hearing loss – who are already at an early stage of their social development – require appropriate environments that support them sensitively.

Using money raised by Health Lottery Scotland (through The Health Lottery), this grant was awarded by People’s Health Trust through the Active Communities programme.  This programme is designed to invest in local people and groups to make their communities even better.

We’re delighted to celebrate our success for Scotland this month.  Next up in our society lottery rotation is Health Lottery West Midlands!

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