The Notables: Coventry music at its finest!

In February 2020, every Health Lottery ticket helped to raise funds for grassroots good causes in the West Midlands.  We were delighted to see one of those brilliant projects in action, when we visited The Notables in Coventry!

Their Notably Together project was awarded £44,941 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by Health Lottery West Midlands.  The Notables Foundation helps by providing opportunities to engage with music and the performing arts.  A band of professional musicians was formed, responding to learning-disabled adults who wanted to make music as a group.  The organisation now provides outreach work with:

  • Schools
  • Youth and community groups
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Day care and residential centres for the disabled
  • People with learning disabilities and PMLD
  • People with mental health difficulties

Better still, the band now provides regular live entertainment at venues across the country!

The grant they received will help adults and young people with complex needs to express themselves through live music.   The group will run workshops and perform concerts in community venues across the city of Coventry.  The project seeks to address issues of exclusion by providing a safe environment for people to socialise.  In doing so, they feel valued for their efforts and contribution.  The organisation has a members’ forum allowing all participants to influence the development of the project.

Several members of the Health Lottery team were privileged enough to visit their live event in February 2020.  Two of us even joined the band on stage for a special rendition of Queen’s We Will Rock You!  We were thrilled to meet so many of the beneficiaries, including much-loved Notables founder Margery Jones.  Retired teacher Margery won Pride of Coventry and Warwickshire’s Inspirational Person award in 2016 for her philanthropic work, and received a standing ovation on entering the room!

We’d like to thank the group for hosting us, and for the heroes’ welcome they gave us!  So far, Health Lottery West Midlands has raised over £8 million for projects like this.

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