Society lottery gives a helping hand to those in need

Society lottery supporting health charities - The Health Lottery

The phenomenon of the society lottery is, without doubt, a tremendous success story in terms of fundraising. 

The concept is all about supporting great causes especially health and wellness charities. In fact, society lotteries raise hundreds of millions of pounds for local initiatives nationwide. 

Some well-known charities and organisations operating society lotteries include The Health Lottery, Age UK, Samaritans, the Air Ambulance Service, and many more amazing charities who all rely on the society lottery organisation to raise funds. They operate under strict regulations and licencing rules to ensure transparency for the public.

Public awareness of the society lottery and the advantages they bring to good causes is increasing. The continued success stories are helping to grow their fundraising activities, resulting in a win-win situation for both the nation and the good causes to which the associations contribute. In fact, the main reason many people choose to become players of charity lotteries is to help local charities.

Outdated rules for the society lottery

For a society lottery, there are many hurdles to overcome and they are constantly burdened by regulatory bureaucracy. However, there is a strong campaign underway pushing for reforms on outdated rules, and these reforms are currently being discussed. 

In the pipeline hopefully, are imminent changes allowing society lotteries to increase the levels of money raised. The emphasis is on encouragement for these small lottery organisations to be allowed to coexist alongside larger and more dominant National Lottery. These changes are crucial to allow the charity lottery to continue to generate much-needed funds for good causes.  

The main issues stifling the growth of charitable gambling are the cap on the lottery funds that can be raised in a year (currently £10 million) and the maximum jackpot that can be given (currently £25,000 or 10% of ticket sales – whichever is greater). There is a great amount of campaigning by the Lotteries Council on behalf of society lotteries for the Government to increase these limits and thereby help to raise even more money for good causes.  

For a society lottery organisation to survive, the current regulations need to be updated to allow their continued success. The positive impact they bring to charitable causes is under threat if growth is restricted. They rely upon recruiting new players, but this can be quite an expensive and lengthy administrative process with the current caps and limitations.

The Health Lottery supports thousands of needed developments

Since its launch in 2011, over £108m has been raised for local projects and causes through The Health Lottery which supports thousands of needy developments. Many of these crucial projects would not exist were it not for funds raised through The Health Lottery. 

In the main, money raised through The Health Lottery provides financial assistance to a range of commendable initiatives. Where there are health inequalities or where individuals may not have access to adequate treatment for a range of health-related problems, for example, asthma and diabetes, The Health Lottery help to provide funds for much-needed services.  

Regardless of the size of the lottery, from the stand-alone small society lottery up to the larger and well-established, the difference they make is phenomenal.  Communities benefit with the continued support of grassroots charities, health and wellness charities, and many others. 

The all-encompassing and important work that the society lottery represents must be recognised and applauded. Society lotteries and charity raffle websites have become a crucial fundraising implement for important causes and as a result are to be encouraged to ensure they thrive and grow today and in the future.

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