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Charitable gambling supporting good causes - The Health Lottery

For hundreds of years, charitable gambling organisations have helped to fund a myriad of charitable activities in Great Britain. Communities as diverse as local village football teams, boxing clubs, hospitals, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters have benefited from games including lottery, bingo, raffles, and casino events. 

The charitable work carried out as a result of these funds raised by charitable gambling organisations, spearheading campaigns across the nation and raising crucial funds for many community-driven projects. 

 The projects which benefit from contributions raised from charity gaming make massive differences to people’s lives, bringing huge benefits to communities, raising awareness, and driving out inequalities that exist. 

Recently, money raised through The Health Lottery assisted Maindee Unlimited, a community regeneration charity tasked to bring back the “heart and soul” of an urban area in Newport, South Wales. The group have already made great headway in their objectives of opening a community centre with car park and public toilets, a library, and generally improving the environment, attracting, and supporting local businesses. 

Maindee Unlimited was awarded almost £8,000 from our charity partners, People’s Health Trust. The funds will go a long way to assist with a scheme to cultivate community gardens in this area to benefit the whole area where green space is scarce.  

Play charity lottery games, helping raise funds for great causes

The premise is clear, whenever you play charity lottery games, you are supporting someone who needs help in one way or another. Thanks to the many thousands of players, funds are raised to benefit those less fortunate. It is an affirmation that people are inherently good across this nation and working together with charitable gambling associations empowers people to make a huge difference.

Playing The Health Lottery is fun, entertaining and an affordable pastime that allows ordinary people everywhere to give support to a local charity, maybe a charity or cause that is close to their heart. It is a way for players to give back to good causes. These kind acts do not go unnoticed as the evidence is clear in the campaigns carried out in communities all over Great Britain. 

Charity gaming can bring great awareness of charity brands

Generous acts by gaming organisations across the UK gives these brands, both big and small, great exposure and improves the overall feel-good experience and relationships with players and charities alike. Players, in turn, provide their loyal support and get behind these gaming companies when so much good is being carried out. 

The organisers of a two-year project in Northumberland were recently awarded £39,752. The funds raised through The Health Lottery spearheaded a rural scheme aimed at bringing people closer together who might otherwise be isolated and lonely in this sparsely populated location of South Tynedale. 

The project, aptly titled “Let’s Get Together” seeks to strengthen community ties with health and wellbeing enterprises and activities. The initiative brings people together who have knowledge of specific areas and localities, sharing skills and linking activities with learning. 

The group is very active and focussed on promoting and extending sustainable opportunities where before there were very few available. Activities such as building IT skills, advice and coaching, village hall activities such as yoga and pilates, and tea dances, all with an emphasis on inclusion, for young and old, families, people with disabilities, tackling isolation and building confidence in this predominantly rural location. 

The founders of the project expressed their gratitude to The Health Lottery and all the players who helped raise the funds for this potentially life-enhancing project.

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