Digging Deeside: Uniting the welsh community - The Health Lottery

RainbowBiz CIC is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in Flintshire, North Wales.  Through community-based projects in the region, their aim is to engage with the local community and empower their volunteers to develop skills.  They have been awarded over £33,000 from People’s Health Trust – using money raised through The Health Lottery in Wales – to create “Digging Deeside.”

Digging Deeside is a horticultural project that will bring members of the Connah’s Quay community together to meet new people, share common interests and increase social networks over the next two years.  A purpose-built trailer has been funded to transport equipment and supplies to the project each week, with accessible features to ensure everyone can use the equipment.  New gardening tools will also mean more participants can get involved with hands-on tasks and enjoy the benefit of growing their own produce while extending their social networks.

“They’ve actually changed my life.  I’m loving my life now, I look forward to every day,” says Daz Cook, volunteer at the Digging Deeside project.  RainbowBiz CIC director Sarah Way explained to us that Daz never used to socialise, following a near-fatal car crash.  However, having built so many friendships through the project, Daz is now “almost the face of Digging Deeside!”

Sarah also introduced us to Jenny Newman, a project volunteer who is registered fully blind.  For Jenny, Digging Deeside is an important sensory experience.  Her full-time carer Stephen also told us that “it not only gives Jenny her independence, it gives me a bit of independence as well.”

Sarah and fellow director Sue Oliver paid tribute to The Health Lottery, with Sarah affirming that “this funding is life-changing for many of our existing volunteers.  There are so many vulnerable people who wouldn’t have the chance to meet each other.  It’s just a magic place to be, thank you so much.” RainbowBiz CIC was one of the numerous causes in attendance at The Health Lottery’s afternoon tea reception in October 2018.

To hear more from RainbowBiz CIC and volunteers on the Digging Deeside project, please have a look at our video above.

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