Enter The Health Lottery to help raise funds for charities in South London with healthFreedom

You could win up to £100,000 and money raised through The Health Lottery goes directly where it’s needed most in our community. It funds vital local services which wouldn’t otherwise exist.

The Health Lottery and healthFreedom CIC

HealthFreedom Community Interest Company raises money though The Health Lottery for vital causes in South London. The money is given out to these projects and charities as grants by the People’s Health Trust, a registered charity that works specifically with HealthFreedom.

Since our first lottery draw in 2011, more than £1.5 million has supported these vital causes in South London.

Where does funding raised by healthFreedom CIC go in our area?

Money raised through The Health Lottery has helped support local branches of the Carers Trust, Sustrans and The Conservation Volunteers.

We also raise funds to help causes in South London that tackle health inequality and bring people together – like the Women of Wandsworth, Personal Independence Support CIC and Refugee Action Kingston.

The latest causes supported using money raised by healthFreedom CIC:

  • £36,906 to run a drop in centre for young people with FAST-project
  • £27,752 to support parents-to-be and babies in their first year with Home-Start Sutton
  • £18,840 to run intergenerational activities with Women of Wandsworth

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