Health Lottery London East

In this region – which also covers Kent and North London – The Health Lottery has raised almost £9.3 million. Health Lottery London East was formed from former CICs HealthLives, HealthPromote, HealthWhole and HealthWisdom. The first Health Lottery London East draw is scheduled for 2 July 2019.

London East Health CIC is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 26312.

Funding in this region, raised through The Health Lottery, has addressed the empowerment of older people and those with learning disabilities, as well as creating community hubs and green spaces for children, lonely parents and others. Examples of causes in receipt of this funding are:

  • £27,985 for Indigo Youth Ltd., which supports young people from a disadvantaged part of Brixton, London, to write and produce music
  • £43,713 for the Big Red Bus Club Charlton, which provides a space for young children to play and brings their parents and guardians together to socialise
  • £29,349 for One Place East, who have created a ‘People’s Parliament’ for people with learning disabilities in Waltham Forest to share their stories and raise common issues

For more information, visit the People’s Health Trust website: