No holiday for us then fate stepped in

£10K win brightens up Jane's summer

Jane Cosburn from Basildon, Essex signed up online to play The Health Lottery and became a £10,000 winner the next day!

It’s no use, I sighed, as I gazed at the bank balance flickering on the computer screen. ‘No cash for a holiday’. My husband John, 44, winced as he tried to settle in his chair. ‘Things will improve when I get earning again,’ he promised. John was recovering from a knee op.  It would be months before he could return to work as a self-employed builder.

‘Yes, love, our luck will change,’ I forced a smile. It was doubtful our fortunes would turn around any time soon. My part-time job at Sainsbury’s just wasn’t enough for us to enjoy life’s luxuries – although I’d been grabbing all the extra shifts I could.

‘We’re luckier than most,’ I thought to myself. Our kids, Jordan, 21, Paige, 19, and Harry, 15, were great. I’d love to treat them – but you can’t have everything.

Before switching the computer off, I scanned my emails. There was one about The Health Lottery. I went to click delete, but the words caught my attention.

The proceeds go to local good causes plus, you’re 21 times more likely to win the Jackpot than on Lotto. ‘That’s impressive,’ I thought.

I’d played the National Lottery for years and not won a thing. I followed the link on the email – only £1 a line. ‘No holiday, but I can spare a little,’ I reasoned. I put £20 into the account.

The next day, I drove John to the shops. As he limped off, I stayed in the car and checked my phone – an email from The Health Lottery flashed up. There was £10,000 in my account!

A mistake – surely? I rang The Health Lottery helpline, and started gabbling to the lady who answered. ‘It’s an error,’ I explained. ‘I only signed up yesterday!’ There was a minute’s pause as she checked my account. ‘You’ve won!’ she told me. ‘Congratulations!’ Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. Then John got into the car. ‘Everything OK?’ he stuttered, looking concerned.

‘I’ve won The Health Lottery!’

I laughed through the tears. ‘Well done!’ he beamed. Winning after one day! It was fate. My dream of treating the whole family has come true.

Harry’s got a new mountain bike, Paige is getting a laptop and we’ve paid £500 for Jordan’s driving lessons. And we’ll all be going on a fantastic holiday to Portugal next August. I'm carrying on playing The Health Lottery. I'd be silly not to!

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