Caretaker sweeps up £10K on The Health Lottery

Alan, 50, from South Kirkby couldn’t believe his luck when he won £10,000 on The Health Lottery on a Wednesday evening in January. Here’s what he had to say:

I play online for 2 draws a week from my mobile phone. That Wednesday I didn’t watch the results on TV and just went upstairs to bed. As I put my phone on charge an email notification popped up from The Health Lottery saying “Congratulations on your win!”.

Once I had logged into my account, I checked my wallet to see how much I had won. I was expecting to see about £10, but nothing had been paid in.

I closed the app down, then reopened it and signed back in to see if it had updated. Still nothing. So I checked my numbers again. I had 4 and knew it was £250 but it should’ve been in my wallet.

Next I decided to enter my numbers in the number checker and to my surprise I had not only matched 4, but had also matched the bonus ball too!

I tapped the claim prize tab as I needed to know how much I had won, but it still didn’t tell me!

I was getting very frustrated, so I came down stairs for better lighting and grabbed myself a pen and paper.

I checked my numbers again and then checked the date of the draw and wrote it all down. As I compared what I had written down against what was listed on The Health Lottery site it was clear that it all matched up - I definitely had 4 numbers plus the bonus ball!

Eventually I found the prize draw breakdown on The Health Lottery website and I couldn’t believe it… I’d won £10,000! That explained why there was nothing in my online wallet as I would instead have to phone up and make my claim, phew!

I was so excited that I woke up my wife up to tell her, but she didn’t believe me and went back to sleep.

It was about 1.30am Thursday morning; I had to be at work for 5.30am. I tried to get some sleep, but it was impossible. I was wide awake with excitement. So no sleep but it was worth it!

I plan to take my family on a luxury holiday, maybe two!

Thank you Health Lottery!

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