Sheila Casey wins £10,000 on The Health Lottery

Dedicated carer Sheila from Croydon wins £10k

Sheila Casey and her husband John are ecstatic after winning £10,000 on The Health Lottery. Sheila, who is 65, has been playing The Health Lottery every week since it began and is over the moon now she is £10,000 richer. 

Speaking about her win Sheila said:

“To be honest, I thought it wasn’t real. It didn’t really register until I saw the money in my bank account. It was totally unreal. I never envisaged this!”

The mother-of-two, who lives in Croydon, is a dedicated carer to her son Peter, who has learning difficulties.

Speaking about how she plans on spending her winnings, Sheila said:

“Some of the money has gone to my sons and brother and the rest we have put in the bank whilst we think what to do with it. We always have a quiet Christmas, but in the New Year we will think what we are going to do with the rest of the money.”

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