Lucille Ashbourne Lands £100,000 Saturday Jackpot

Lucille Ashbourne Lands £100,000 Saturday Jackpot

Wolverhampton local, Lucille Ashbourne, is elated after landing The Health Lottery £100,000 Saturday jackpot. 

Lucille, who is 57, won the life changing sum after matching the numbers 6, 7, 21, 23 and 29 on 28th December. 

Mrs Ashbourne plays The Health Lottery every week and only found out she had won after her sister-in-law called her to break the good news. 

Speaking about the moment she discovered she was a winner, Lucille said: 

“I was shocked and felt completely numb. My sister-in-law wanted to come around that night with the ticket, just in case she lost it!” 

Lucille and her husband Danny, 58, plan on treating their whole family to a dream holiday in Devon this summer: 

“We love Devon and Cornwall and that part of the world. We usually end up there when we go on holiday, so I am going with the whole family.” 

The couple have spent the last several years saving up to repair their home meaning that the win has come as a huge relief: 

“We saved really hard to do up the house, and now we have won on The Health Lottery we don’t need to worry about that.”

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