Peterborough syndicate wins £10,000!

We love a syndicate here at The Health Lottery – and in August 2019, we got to meet a winning team!  The News UK finance team syndicate scooped a fantastic £10,000 after matching 4 balls, plus the bonus ball, in one of our July draws.

Formed of eight players, the Peterborough-based team have been playing The Health Lottery for three years now – and were delighted to bag their first big win!  Syndicate leader Gary Smithdale said: “When I answered the call, the news came as a great surprise – I couldn’t wait to tell everyone!  Some of us have worked together for over 22 years, so it’s been a great moment to share.”

Their big win even inspired a new team name.  “What about Sunshine 8?” mused team member Margaret Lenton.  “The sun’s shining on this lucky day, and there’s eight of us!”

And of course, an eight-strong team means they all have different ideas on how to spend their share of the winnings.  The Health Lottery team chatted to the syndicate members and heard lots of great plans: home improvements; spoiling the grandchildren; trips to Rome and Barbados!  What a lovely bunch.

Martin Ellice, joint managing director at The Health Lottery, said: “We’re delighted to see this team win.  It’s wonderful to see a group of colleagues with a very real friendship and team spirit, after so many years working together.  We hope they each enjoy spending their share of the winnings!”

In August 2019, all Health Lottery tickets purchased will raise funds for health-related causes in the South East of England.

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