Sue from Chesterfield wins £100,000!

Sue from Chesterfield wins £100,000!

Sue from Chesterfield has had a pretty interesting week. 

A phone call from The Health Lottery asked her to check her online Health Lottery account, something Sue hadn’t done in a while. What she saw changed her life. One hundred thousand pounds as a result of a second chance draw. 

After letting her catch her breath, we caught up with Sue to see how she was settling into her new life as a Health Lottery winner. We asked the first question which would be on anyone’s lips: what will you do with the money? 

“To be honest, I’ve been thinking about what I need. I barely spend money on myself normally so this is a chance to fix up some things that need done. The garden. The house. Things like that. The size of the prize hasn’t sunk in yet so who knows what will be left. Maybe enough for a car? A Holiday? It’s exciting to think about.”

The former community worker says that playing The Health Lottery is a continuation of her work to support others. She said:

I’ve always been keen on helping people. I’ve been brought up that way. So I’d happily spend £1 on a Health Lottery ticket because I know that it genuinely helps people. I’ve seen some of the good causes that are supported.

Obviously I play the lottery for the prizes, as we all do, but the sense of supporting your community really sweetens the win.”

Could you join Sue in the ranks of £100k Health Lottery winners? Someone has to win, so it could be you. 

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