Yorkshire couple’s wish list realised for only £1, after win on the lottery

Yorkshire couple’s wish list full for only £1 - The Health Lottery

Health Lottery win gives heart-warming moments

I told my wife to stop nagging me – but she was trying to tell me we’d won! By Robin Cooper, 71, from York.

The lead singer was giving it his all. “You don’t know, oh oh… You don’t know you’re beautiful,” he sang. OK, so the band on stage wasn’t really One Direction. But even a pensioner like me could tell the tribute band at Butlin’s in Skegness had the crowd captivated.

My son Martin, 48, and his girlfriend Angela, 36, swayed in time to the music. Their little girls Abby, eight, and Chloe, six, were enraptured, mesmerised by the beat. I sneaked a glance at my wife Olivia, 72, and grinned. It was lovely to be able to treat the family to this holiday – and it was all thanks to The Health Lottery.

We’d been playing The Health Lottery since it started and, at only £1 per ticket, we were just happy to be supporting such good local causes.

We never imagined that we would win a big prize.

Each week, Olivia would pop to Morrisons for the ticket. The draw’s on a Saturday, but we’d check our numbers online on a Sunday. So, one Sunday morning in May 2015, we followed our usual routine.

I googled “The Health Lottery results” on our tablet, but popped to the bathroom first without checking them. Olivia was making a cuppa in the kitchen. “The results are on the tablet,” I called. “I’m just going to get ready.” Moments later, Olivia was knocking on the door. “Robin!” she called. Her voice was urgent. “Open the door, I need you to check something!”

Could a man not get any peace?

“For heaven’s sake, Olivia!” I shouted.

“I’m having a wash! Can’t it wait?”

There was a heartbeat’s silence.

“No!” she shrieked. “We’ve won £10,000 on The Health Lottery!”

I hurried downstairs to check.

“You’re right,” I grinned. “We’ve won!”

The cash could buy us some of the things we had longed for. I splashed out on a Volvo – a car I’d always hankered after. We also double-glazed our windows – so we’ll be toasty this winter. There was money left over to pay for our family holiday in Skeggy. So our Health Lottery win has given us some heart-warming moments too!

Play today at www.healthlottery.co.uk then check your results later, just like Robin Cooper did.

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