play charity lottery games responsibly

We want you to play charity lottery responsibly!

The gambling and gaming industry is colossal, has been in existence for centuries, and today finds itself under constant scrutiny from government officials and a strict regulatory regime. However, this industry remains essential to the economy largely due to the employment it creates and the demand it feeds. For these reasons, gambling is here to stay.

Indeed, this age-old tradition continually seeks to improve and innovate, looking to provide a fun experience while minimizing the possibility of abuse and harm. Continued calls for increased regulation and control in the gambling sector has almost eliminated bad practices and illegal gambling.

Over time, we have witnessed encouraging signs of greater responsibility from organisers and players themselves. It remains, however, that people may still sometimes find themselves in a sticky situation requiring professional advice and assistance.

Luckily for those people needing it, the gambling industry, its regulators, and sponsors take such gambling issues very seriously and are quick to step up to the plate and pay close attention to the effects of gambling on its consumers. The big names in gambling regularly contribute significant amounts of money into research and development, to ensure they continue to provide expert and competent support and treatment for players and families suffering from a gambling crisis.

Strict regulations apply when you play charity lottery games

Every legal gambling institution is subject to strict rules and regulations. There exists a large number of specialist regulatory bodies, there to supervise and enforce high standards. They are all encompassing with their control, administration, and boundaries. Players never need to feel alone in a crisis, knowing that these organizations exist to protect and help them.

Today more than ever, due to continued publicity and calls for increased corporate responsibility, there is a strong emphasis on addiction prevention. Watchdogs are protecting the consumer as much as possible by aiming to create a safe and responsible market. Even charity lotteries, who do a great deal of exceptional and valuable work, come under strict regulation. Charity lotteries are also required to provide a high level of care towards their players in line with rigid licencing standards.

Such lotteries remain focussed on continual improvement and, in line with every licenced charity, remain equally accountable. We fall under the same demands to protect players in line with bigger organisations, whilst raising millions for good causes across the UK.

Supporting local causes when you play charity lottery games

When an individual decides to play charity lottery games, more often than not, the motivation stems from a strong desire to support local causes or community projects. The supported causes are usually close to the heart of that player. In this respect, the charity gambling sector retains a higher level of faith and trust due to its effectiveness at raising money.

The Health Lottery and our sister site Health Games appreciate the trust that our players place in us. We understand the importance of providing a platform that enables you to have fun responsibly. We strive to provide advice on safe gambling practices, and where to turn if you are worried about your own gaming habits or those of a loved one. The well-being of our players is crucial to us.

Therefore, we provide support via our helpline and email, providing instructions on account management limitation tools and links to various helpful charities. In addition, we provide support for families affected by the gambling habits of loved ones.

The Health Lottery has raised over £110m for health related charities. Our fundraising charity lotteries create a fun and vibrant pastime with the possibility of winning substantial prize money and provides an excellent benefit for the gambling industry, society, and players alike.

For this reason, we ensure that individuals who play charity lottery games, including instant win games, do so in a socially responsible environment and are encouraged from the outset to comply with the rules such as strict adherence to age requirements and the emphasis is always on playing responsibly.

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