Start Your Health Lottery Syndicate

Start your Health Lottery syndicate today and increase your chances of winning!

To download a Syndicate Agreement form click here.

Why set up a syndicate?

By playing The Health Lottery, you are already 21 times more likely to win our top prize compared to Lotto, but you have an even better chance of winning if you play as part of a syndicate.

Not only will you be increasing your chances of winning; you will also be raising money for health related good causes in your area.

To date The Health Lottery has helped raise millions for health related good causes and every ticket sold raises even more.

How to set up your Health Lottery syndicate

Lottery syndicates are a fun and simple way to play the Health Lottery. Follow this easy guide to start yours now:

  1. Pick your team. This is the most important part; pick your family, your friends, your colleagues, or anyone who you think is lucky! Obviously the larger the team, the greater your chances of winning.
  2. Choose your numbers and draws. Pick as many lines as you want, and whether you want to play on Wednesday,Thursday or Saturday... or all three! Perhaps each team member could have their own Quick Pick line, or maybe each member could choose their own lucky numbers each week. It's up to you.
  3. Sign Up. Once you have chosen your team and decided your numbers, each member needs to sign a Syndicate Agreement. If you win, this document will help make sure prizes are distributed evenly.

You can make it even easier by signing up to play lottery by direct debit. This means you don't have to remember to buy your tickets, we'll do it for you!

Your role as a Syndicate Manager

As a Syndicate Manager, you will take on a number of responsibilities:

You get to decide who is on your team. Pick your luckiest mates, or get your relatives involved, it's your call!

You will also be in charge of collecting the money and purchasing the tickets. However if you sign up to Direct Debit, the ticket purchasing is done for you.

You also need to make sure that all members have signed the Syndicate Agreement to keep everything in check should you win.

Get a Syndicate Pack

We can send you a Syndicate Pack to help you get started. The pack contains all the information on this page as well as a poster to help you recruit members to your syndicate. There's also loads of information on how to play, some playcards and a handy fridge magnet (some people like to use them to stick their ticket to the fridge so they know where they are)

*Calls to The Health Lottery Helpline will be charged at 7p per minute plus your telephone provider’s access charge.

If you'd like a pack just send an email to  or give us a call on 0844 375 55 55* and we'll get one in the post to you


Here are some frequently asked questions in case we have missed anything.


Why do we need a lottery syndicate agreement?

We recommend you set up an agreement so your whole team is fully aware of what it means to be part of a syndicate.


How do I buy tickets?

You can either buy your ticket online, or over the counter at a Health Lottery retailer. To buy online you need to set up an account, and then choose your 5 numbers and the dates you want to play. If you want to play the same numbers each week, you may find it easier to set up a Direct Debit.


How to I check our numbers?

If you have played online, we check the results for you, and will email you if you win. You can also find the Health Lottery results through the Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, Daily Express, Sunday Express, and through this website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and on YouTube.


What about play limits?

You can play up to £80 worth of tickets in each draw. If that's not enough for your syndicate give us a call on 0844 375 55 55*

* Calls to The Health Lottery Helpline will be charged at 7p per minute plus your telephone provider’s access charge.. 


Are there a maximum number of members each syndicate can have?

No, the more the merrier.


Can new members join a syndicate after it has been set up?

Yes they can, it is up to the syndicate manager to organise their team, just make sure new members are added to the Syndicate Agreement.


Can I set up a Direct Debit to place entries on behalf of the syndicate?

Yes, you can, but this needs to be agreed between yourself and your team members


How do I collect money from the group?

We suggest that you keep a clear record of who has paid what. That way you will always know if everyone is up to date with their payments.