How The Health Lottery Is Helping To Create Change

The Health Lottery is committed to tackling the scourge of health inequality in Great Britain. We operate on behalf of 3 society lotteries, who work closely with People’s Health Trust to ensure that funds raised through The Health Lottery are granted to the grassroots causes that need it most. These health and wellness charities deal with issues affecting a large proportion of the population, such as access to mental health treatment and support programs. Lottery charity funding has long been a viable way for organisations to fund much-needed programs – especially through seasonal initiatives for special holidays and raffles. The Health Lottery takes this one step further, by uniting 3 society lotteries across Great Britain on a rotational basis. Each one receives a portion of the lotto charity fund for their health-related charities.

Thanks to our players, and the hard work of our retail partners who sell paper tickets on behalf of the lotto charity fund, vital resources have been raised through The Health Lottery. These have supported more than 3,300 health and wellness-related causes across England, Scotland, and Wales. Our owner pledged, on our launch in 2011, that hundreds of millions of pounds would be raised for these health-related charities. In 2021, that pledge became reality – and to date, we’ve raised over £124 million.

Below, you can read stories about the valuable work that each society lottery has been able to fund in their communities. Many of these causes – some of whom would not exist without lottery charity funding raised through The Health Lottery – joined us for a celebratory reception in 2018 hosted by Simon Cowell. Meeting these volunteers and charity workers was truly inspiring for us, and with your help, we can raise even more funds to support them. These inspiring stories show just how necessary lottery charity funding has been for so many health and wellness charities. They would not have been able to achieve their objectives without it.

If there are health-related charities that speak to you in your own community, consider how your contribution – directly or through playing The Health Lottery – can assist them. Charity lottery providers and charity gaming are paving the road for health and wellness charities to tackle inequalities.