Building communities

A happy place, full of music and laughter for all generations

Steel pans, new friendships and lots of tea: how funds raised through The Health Lottery help bring different generations of Vincentians together in High Wycombe

Bringing understanding to hidden impairments

Children with hidden impairments including autism and learning difficulties can be misunderstood - but at WHISH in Whitby, North Yorkshire, they can find a safe space.

Sporting Elite - breaking down barriers.

How funds raised through The Health Lottery help Sporting Elite support kids and teenagers in Birmingham through their Better Me project.

Willow Tree: much more than a community shop

Boosting skills and confidence while making a local high street safer Willow Tree makes funding raised through The Health Lottery go a long way. A place for vulnerable people to meet, cook and learn about life.

Eloquent Fold: Bringing joy to women over 50 in Corby

How funds raised through The Health Lottery help bring women over 50 together to get creative in one Midlands town.

So much more than books: the library binding a rural community together

How Cymer Afan Community Library in Wales brings all ages together, thanks to funds raised through The Health Lottery.

Empowering young carers in Wigan & Leigh

Wigan & Leigh Young Carers were awarded £39,542 raised through The Health Lottery, vital funds to support those with a lot of responsibility on their young shoulders.

Bingham Blether: spreading the news in the local community

Bingham and Magdalene used to feel like forgotten suburbs, but a group of older residents are determined to keep everyone connected 

How MyBUS CT is making a difference in Scotland

A drop-in, a hot lunch, transport and a chat: how funds raised through The Health Lottery helped MyBUS CT to become the beating heart of a rural community... on wheels.

The current society benefitting from funds raised is EWA Health CIC T/A HL East

The Health Lottery operates on behalf of 6 Community Interest Companies (CICs), managing 6 society lotteries that operate in 12 geographical regions across Great Britain. These exist to help tackle health inequalities in their respective areas. People’s Health Trust (PHT) is an independent charity that assesses grant applications and award funding across the 12 regions. Read about some of the good causes HERE. For information regarding all funded projects or to submit a grant application visit PHT HERE. 20.34% of every lottery draw ticket and online scratchcard purchased is donated to good causes. 36.02% is spent on prizes. 43.64% is spent expenses (actual expenses exceed this figure). Our average annual proceeds from lotteries are £12.5m. The odds of winning The Big Win jackpot are (1 in 2.1m) and the odds of winning any Big Win prize is (1 in 9.7). The odds of winning the All or Nothing jackpot is (1 in 1.35m) and the odds of winning any All or Nothing prize is (1 in 4.5). The odds of winning a QuickWin jackpot is (1 in 2.1m) and the odds of winning any QuickWin prize is (1 in 6). All winning lottery numbers are selected using an approved random number generator (RNG). Click on the links below for full T&Cs and FAQs for each of our games.

Please help us to support vital health causes in your community. Each of the 6 society lotteries is licensed by the Gambling Commission.