online charity raffle celebrating 1 year

Our Online Charity Raffle is Part of a Long History

Break out the cake, because the Health Lottery’s Mega Raffle is celebrating its first birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year!

How does the Mega Raffle work? Every time a player buys a Health Lottery ticket, whether online or at an authorized retailer, they are automatically entered into a monthly Mega Raffle draw. The Mega Raffle guarantees a cash prize of £250,000 every month and each lottery ticket sale will help local grassroots projects and charities.

Our online charity raffle and lottery draws create a trusted and respected method of fundraising plus publicity and awareness for the good causes across the country. 

People entering the draw recognise the benefits of the lottery and buy tickets with the full knowledge that they are immediately involved in supporting community fundraising, perhaps contributing to a charitable cause close to that player’s own heart. Of course, the added incentive is the £250,000 guaranteed prize money every single month!

What are the origins of the online charity raffle?

Charity raffles are not a recent phenomenon; indeed, raffle draws have prevailed since ancient history, depicted as long ago as the Bible’s Old Testament when Moses used a lottery system to allocate land to his followers. 

European raffle tickets featuring extraordinary prizes have existed since the first-ever recorded raffle held in 1446 and organised by the widow of Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck. 

When Van Eyck died his widow needed to convert his remaining unsold paintings into cash, so she created a raffle to enable her to do so, saving the bother of trying to sell the works of art at exhibitions or private sales. 

This art raffle paved the way to the online charity raffle draws that we enjoy today. Since that date charities, churches, social clubs and community grassroot projects have used this time-proven method to raise much-needed funds, while allowing everyone to get on board with helping worthwhile causes, ultimately benefitting essential community endeavours.

Raffles have not always been affordable to play. During the1500s Queen Elizabeth I decided to hold a raffle for wealthy individuals with tickets priced at 10 shillings each, outside the realm of affordability for many would-be players. Prizes included £5000 plus other attractive winnings made up of valuable china, linens, and grand royal tapestries. 

This historic first national lottery themed endeavour marked the start of traditional charity fundraising via the selling of lottery or raffle tickets that exists today.

The online charity raffle is now an essential tool for fundraising

Fast forward a few hundred years and charity gaming is now an essential tool for fundraising. The Mega Raffle celebrates its first birthday this month and remains an effective incentive for the public to get on board with helping local causes with the hopes of becoming a new quarter millionaire!

 The best charity lottery raffle is still technically a form of gambling but in a light-hearted and fun way. Traditionally, a player will purchase uniquely allocated, numbered tickets, with the corresponding duplicate tickets placed in a container ready for the day of the draw.

Often there are several prizes, with an ultimate grand prize, for example, a hamper, car, or a jackpot amount of money if the game is a cash raffle. The excitement builds as each prize is allocated to the number drawn from the container.

Ultimately, the motivation for players is not the prize but instead being part of a fundraising event for a project they feel strongly about. 

Winners of the Mega Raffle, of course, have the option to remain anonymous, but due to its benevolent nature and free, automatic entry, often players are happy to share their lucky stories, such as our most recent winner, Tim Carson, who surprised his wife with the news they could finally buy their dream house due to his win.

Happy birthday to the Mega Raffle, we wish you many more happy years!

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