Roulette wheel spiraling out of control. UK lottery providers and others support responsible gambling

How Great British and UK Lottery Providers Support Responsible Gambling

Safer gambling practices are the focus of Responsible Gambling Week (RG Week) this year. Both the Health Lottery and its sister site Health Games are dedicated to encouraging responsible gaming behaviour and support the message of RG Week. The third annual Responsible Gambling Week will be taking place 7th-13th of November. This initiative strives to educate the public about responsible gaming practices, provide helpful resources for those with gambling addiction or problematic gaming habits, and bring awareness to gambling and lottery practices across the UK and Ireland. This event is dedicated to the safety and health of GB and UK lottery players and gamblers, and ensures that players can have a fun, responsible gambling experience. 

Socially Responsible Gambling Practices

Raising money is for local health charities is the goal of the Health Lottery and its sister site, Health Games, but doing so safely and responsibly is the number one priority. Both charity gambling sites adhere to the strict rules and laws that govern gambling in Great Britain. The sites are also registered with the Gambling Commission and strictly adhere to the requirements established in the Gambling Act of 2005 for the UK lottery and other gambling institutions. Both sites also work to protect those that are vulnerable from being exposed to the lure of online gambling, such as underage players and those that are considered to be at-risk players. By ensuring that advertising is not marketed or directed to those considered to be at a higher risk or considered vulnerable, the Health Lottery is able to discourage underage lottery play and excessive lottery play. 

Responsible Gambling Means More Fun

There is no sure bet when it comes to gambling, and playing online lottery games, a charity raffle, and instant win games always come with a risk, which is part of the appeal for some players. This can have a darker side, however. When players begin to gamble and spend beyond their means and circumstances, then online gaming ceases to be fun. When a player begins to overextend themselves, or becomes obsessed with trying to get the next big win, it can become a serious problem. Once gambling becomes a habit, addiction, players should reach out to organizations like BeGambleAware and GamCare. These organizations are the UK’s leading providers for information and support for problem gambling. Players can also call the Health Lottery Helpline for additional questions or resources, or enroll in the self exclusion program (which is also available via the website). As well, for the duration of Responsible Gambling Week, Health Games will operate a dedicated customer care number (01424 400 199) along an on-site chat. Check out Health Games Facebook page for further updates.

Instant lotto online and Quick Win games can provide an extra level of fun and excitement to online gambling, but can also be a draw for those with a gambling problem. To help remind players to gamble responsibly, Health Lottery’s Quick Win game gives players a reminder of how long they’ve played every 30 minutes. Players can also set time caps as well as spending caps on their game play to ensure that they do not over extend their spending. Another great resource for those with problem gambling habits is filtering software. This will restrict online access to gambling or lottery products as well as filter out advertising related to gambling.

The Health Lottery and Health Games encourage everyone to know the signs of problem gambling and learn how to recognize them. If you or someone you care about begins to show signs of problem gambling, there are resources available to help. By working together, we can raise money for local health concerns, have fun playing lotto online, and maybe even win cash prizes. This only works though when we play by the rules, play safely, and play responsibly. Responsible Gambling Week may happen once a year, but safe gambling habits are always a good idea.

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