Christine's magical £69,512 win!

Christine, 71, from Chorley got lucky one Saturday after scooping a Health Lottery jackpot.

“I won £69,512 on The Health Lottery.”

“It made me very happy indeed”, chuckles Christine Winkley, recalling on her scooping a jackpot of £69,512. “I would recommend anyone to play the Health Lottery as well”.

Commenting on the decision to change her lottery of choice Christine said: “I started playing the Health Lottery because I thought it was going to good causes and Lotto became too expensive with too many balls in the machine.”

As she described her experience of winning, Christine added:

“It felt like a fairy story – it was magic!”

Christine planned to use her prize money to treat her family and also arrange a holiday.

There have been over 6.3 million Health Lottery winners since launch and over £117 million paid out in prizes!

Watch Christine’s full winner’s story here.


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