Shocked Health Lottery winner plans to quit work next month

Shocked Health Lottery winner plans to quit work next month

Railway signal worker now on track for early retirement ?

When Andrew Duncan, 60, from Pontefract West Yorkshire, was alerted by an email that he’d won on The Health Lottery, he literally couldn’t believe his luck…


“Oh, hold on a minute,” my wife Elaine said, as she fished around in her handbag. “I need a couple of quid for the Health Lottery.”

I smiled and shook my head as she scrabbled for the coins. “We should just get the draws on direct debit,”

I said. “Then we can just forget about it. It’ll be done.”

That’s just what we did. We signed up a £36 monthly direct debit for tickets - and forgot about it.

I was busy with my work as a railway signalman. I worked side by side with my son Paul, 32.

An email popped into my inbox a few days later. Apparently, I’d won a prize on The Health Lottery – or so it said.

“What a joke,” I said laughing to Elaine. “They must think I was born yesterday. It’s a scam. Somebody who lives on the other side of the world is trying to find a way to empty my bank account!”

I pressed delete and didn’t think any more of it – until a few days later, I received another email, urging me to ring a number to discuss my ‘substantial’ winnings.

“They’re certainly persistent these scammers,” I commented to Elaine.

“Let me have a look,” said Elaine, taking the laptop off me and staring at the screen. “Maybe it’s for real?”

My son Paul was around having a cuppa. “Let’s Google the number and see where it’s from,” he suggested, typing into the search engine. “The code’s Birkenhead. That’s where The Health Lottery’s based.”

Well, I thought to myself. There’s no harm in just phoning to check. I punched the numbers into my phone and spoke to someone, who confirmed that the email was genuine.

They didn’t tell me how much immediately – the Health Lottery are as wary as me when it comes to fraud. But once I’d provided proof of my identity, they hit me with the news – I’d won £25,000!

We decided to split the win with Paul, so now he’s got a nice little rainy day fund.

This windfall has come at exactly the right time for us. I’m taking early retirement in May, and we needed a new conservatory – our old one got damaged in the storms last year. That’s just been completed – a lovely 14ft by 8ft conservatory. I can’t wait to spend the summer relaxing and enjoying our garden.

That direct debit’s still going. And I’ve won another £20 since.

Next time I get an email from The Health Lottery, I won’t be so quick to press delete!

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