Switch to Health Lottery sparked a syndicate win

Switch to Health Lottery sparked a syndicate win

It’s all cheers for Grimsby Town fan Les Brechin and his colleagues at David Bury Electricals.

"Be honest,” I groaned to my best mate Dave Cockrill as I pushed open the door to the pub. “Was that match really worth the journey?”

The two of us had travelled all the way down from York to Braintree, Essex, to see our beloved Grimsby Town draw nil-nil against Braintree Town. It had taken hours and hours. We’d just got back to York in time to catch last orders. Dave, 45, grinned and shrugged. “That’s football,” he said. “Pint?”

I nodded. To be honest, I wasn’t really complaining. Ever since I survived an almost fatal brain tumour seven years ago, I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in life, and not sweat the small stuff.

Although occasionally, something gets my goat. Like the Lotto. I’d pushed for our work lottery syndicate to swap from the Lotto to The Health Lottery. We’d been going 20 years and hadn’t had much luck at all. Given the fact you’re 21 times more likely to win the jackpot on The Health Lottery, the move seemed wise. Our first draw had taken place that evening.

Settling myself at a table, I got my phone out. There was an email. I clicked. ‘Congratulations!’ I read, ‘You have won The Health Lottery!’ The numbers danced in front of my eyes. It said £10,000. Now I’d had a few pints throughout the day, but I didn’t think I was drunk!

Dave planted the pint glasses on the table. “What’s up?” he asked, frowning at my bemused expression. “It says here my syndicate has won ten grand!” I snorted. “Probably a mistake or a scam.”

After sinking the pints, Dave and I went back to his house. We checked the numbers online. The email was correct! The cash was paid into my account, and I distributed it amongst our small syndicate at David Bury Electricals in Grimsby, where I work in the accounts department. I splashed out on a much-needed holiday with my brother Pete, 63, in Plockton, a stunning village near the Isle of Skye. There were some award-winning places to eat and drink, so we didn’t stint on enjoying ourselves.  After all, it’s all about appreciating life’s blessings!

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