The Best Chance of Winning Money and Keeping Your Privacy

Imagine that you’ve just checked your ticket to realize that you won the Health Lottery! What next? As exciting as winning can be, it can also be equally confusing, if not a little bit terrifying. What if you want to remain anonymous? What if you would rather keep your win to yourself? Can you even do that? If keeping your windfall under wraps is your preference, you are in luck, you can keep your big news to yourself and whether or not you choose to remain an anonymous winner, your decision does not affect your best chance of winning money. In fact, one common misconception, the belief that people get more money if they go public, has been proven to be false. 

So, if you are inclined to privacy, the good news is that you can remain anonymous if you score big playing the Health Lottery, but what are some of the benefits or drawbacks of doing so? What exactly happens and how do you claim your winnings?

Publicity Versus Privacy

It may seem daunting trying to imagine what would happen if you won a large sum of money. You may suddenly find yourself surrounded by family and friends you haven’t seen in years. Winners also sometimes worry about how a large windfall will change their lives not just for the better, but in some ways for the worse. Undoubtedly, in some ways, their lives will improve with the unexpected addition, but the added stress of having to make big financial decisions suddenly can be more than some care to deal with. 

If you play lotto online, then claiming your Health Lottery winnings is easy. If you win £2,000 or less, your winnings are automatically deposited into your online account. If you play through a retail outlet, then you can claim up to £50 in store, or up to £250 in any participating post office. Anything beyond those amounts would have to be claimed by calling the Health Lottery Helpline where our team will be standing by to answer any questions you have and assist you in claiming your prize. They will also walk you through your next steps and answer any questions that you may have. One important thing to note though, you will need to have the actual winning ticket if you purchased through a retail location.

If protecting your privacy is your utmost concern, then rest assured that your information is safe. Any information gathered is for the Health Lottery to establish your identity, determine whether or not you are legally allowed to claim a prize and that the selected form of payment is legitimate and that you are legally allowed to use it, as part of adherence to regulatory requirements and our commitment to social responsibility. If you are one of our lucky winners, then your information is not released without your consent. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Believe it or not though, there are benefits to going public. The problem with trying to keep something like winning big quiet, eventually the truth will come out. Even if you tell only one person, that person will inevitably tell someone else. Another downside to keeping quiet is the potential half-truths and stories that you have to tell people around you to explain a sudden influx of money. Often, if you make a calm announcement in a controlled environment, then quite often, the excitement will die down more quickly, allowing you to go back to your life. 

Going public also shows others that they too can win the lottery. It’s inspiring for people to have a connection to a lottery winner, whether you’re from the same town, went to school together, or share a profession. If you go public, or even semi-public by sharing the news with your nearest and dearest, you may find that you have to field a lot of questions, such as “What is my best chance of winning money?” or “You bought your ticket online? How do you buy lottery tickets online?” or, of course, “What are you doing with your winnings?!?” Depending on your personality you may enjoy sharing your story with others and giving advice, or you may dread being the center of attention. So keep this in mind when deciding what degree of anonymity you want!
If you happen to be one of our lucky winners, you are in luck and get to choose whether or not to remain anonymous or to take your fifteen minutes of fame. Either way: congratulations!

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