You Can Buy Lotto Tickets Online for £1 - What Else Can You Get?

A single pound doesn’t go as far as it used to. What can you get for £1 these days? The answers might surprise you. You can buy lotto tickets online or a fresh juicy mango, or so much more.

Take a Trip to Poundland

If you visit Poundland or another £1 store, you can find a lot of different items for just one quid. Everything from a string of decorative LED lights to a pair of reading glasses to a bottle of glittering purple nail polish. These shops can be a great spot for parents to find small toys, party favors, and craft supplies to keep their children entertained on a budget. Even a trip through the store, to see what great deals are available, can be a fun and affordable way to spend an afternoon. These stores are also an important resource for people experiencing income inequality, as they can find things they need at fair prices.

Get a Sweet or Salty Snack

Feeling a bit peckish? £1 will take the edge off of your appetite. Usually for around a pound you can enjoy a chocolate bar, or a bag of crisps, or a cold can of soda. If you’re looking for something fresher, take a trip to the produce department! Depending on what’s in season and what’s on special that week, £1 might get you a delicious mango, a few bananas, or half a dozen oranges.

You Can Buy Lotto Tickets Online from The Health Lottery

While some lotteries have raised their ticket prices, it’s only £1 to buy a Health Lottery ticket. You can buy lotto tickets online or at your favourite retail store, or for a single pound you can participate in QuickWin on our website. Prefer charity scratch cards? Several of our popular games, such as Tennis Scratch and Football Scratch, cost exactly £1 per card. Or play Elephant -- at only 5 pence per ticket, you could get 20 plays for just one quid.

Download a Song

Heard a great song on the radio? Can’t stop thinking about a favourite tune from your youth? You can usually purchase a single song for £1 and listen to it as many times as you like. This is also a great way to take a chance on a new-to-you band without committing to an entire album.

Send a Letter to Your Nan

Sure, we do most of our communication via phone, text, and messenger apps these days -- but there’s something charming about sending a hand-written letter. It’s only 76p for a first class stamp, so you can send a letter to a loved one and still have change left over. Want a real pick-me-up? Send a thank you letter to let someone know how much you appreciate something they’ve done for you. Share a memory with a family member. Surprise your sweetheart by sending them an old-fashioned love letter in the mail. You’ll both get far more value from the experience than you ever expected to get from a single pound.

What Would You Do with a Quid?

What would you do if you stuck your hand in your pocket right now and found £1 you forgot you had? There’s so many great ways to spend a quid! Whether you get a snack or try to win money instantly or buy some wild nail polish, £1 can go a lot farther than you thought.

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