Direct Debit Fun Facts: Best Online Lottery Payment Method?

It can be difficult to remember when payments are due, how much needs to be paid, and the log-ins for each site. Thankfully there is a better option: direct debit! If you are one of the nine out of ten UK residents who utilises direct debit for your bills, then you are in good company. Did you know that you can also use direct debit to play the best online lottery games and buy lottery tickets? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of playing this way.

It’s All Because of Ice Cream

Direct debit was introduced in 1964 in the UK by Alistair Hanton. Mr. Hanton worked at Unilever and had a small issue: he needed a way to simplify his accounts and create a trouble-free payment process for thousands of his regular ice cream vendors. He also needed a way to reduce banking fees and create a more streamlined and reliable process. The idea was to have his debtors agree to make regular, automatic payments for the products that they were receiving. It took four years for this system to be fully developed, but it was already being embraced by banks in 1970. 

Hanton’s idea was not completely his own, however. It was based on the German Giro system which had been in operation since the 1950s, which was in turn inspired by a system that can be traced all the way back to 4th century Ptolemaic Egypt, developed by state granaries, with a central bank being located in Alexandria. It was later adapted in Italy in the 17th century. The Giro system was slowly adapted across Europe, however, and was never fully embraced the way the direct debit system has come to be.

Who knew that direct debit for lottery had such far reaching roots?

Direct debit is the third most popular payment method across the UK, beaten only by cash and credit card purchases. In fact, in 2017 there were nearly £5 trillion worth of transactions made via direct debit. During a single day in June, over 111 million payments were made, making it the highest ever recorded at the time. It is estimated that nine out of ten adults in the UK have approximately one or more standing direct debit orders established.

Simple, Easy, Safe Lottery Play

In order to play the best lottery online via direct debit, the first thing you will have to do is set up a lottery online account. This will ensure that you will always have access to your winning tickets, and all of the most up to date information on The Health Lottery. Once you have your account set up, you are all set to play! By choosing to play via direct debit, you can ensure that you never miss a draw due to forgetfulness, being on holiday, or anything else. Also, by playing online, you won’t ever lose or damage your ticket again! Your online account is safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about your information, or having to enter your card information every time you play. 

While direct debit isn’t advisable in casinos or for hard core gambling, it is a reliable way to regularly play your favourite lottery and still support great health related causes. In fact, if you set up a direct debit for only the amount of tickets you want to buy per month, it will help you easily budget for your lottery play alongside your other hobbies. So why not play the best online lottery today via direct debit?

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