Lottery Charity Funding is Keeping Creativity Alive

It’s hard to overstate the importance of creative pursuits. Activities such as singing, dancing, journaling, and painting all have tremendous benefits for mental and emotional health. Numerous studies have been done on the benefits of art and creativity, and they’ve shown that art can improve our mood, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and encourage brain plasticity.

Aside from the benefits inherent in artistic pursuits, participating in an artistic hobby can also provide valuable community connections. Whether you join a larger organised group such as a choir or a community theatre, or join a smaller, casual crafting club, sharing your creative ventures with a group of like-minded people can be a great way to build lasting friendships. These connections are especially valuable for the elderly, the developmentally disabled, and those struggling with mental illnesses.

At The Health Lottery we understand the importance of creativity and community, which is why we’re proud that our lottery charity funding helps support some wonderful artistic initiatives.

Creative Projects in Local Communities

Artistic pursuits should be available to everyone, which is why we love to see groups like Include Choir, who received a lottery charity funding grant from People’s Health Trust. Include Choir not only provides an opportunity for people with learning disabilities and communication challenges to create music together, but it also helps them communicate and build community.

Another group that brings people together through song is Voice cLoud, which provides carers an opportunity to sing together. This not only gives them a much-needed respite from their duties, but also a supportive community of others who understand what it is like to care for a loved one who is ill or disabled.

Creativity is not just about community, however. It can also be about telling your story. That is what Rainbow Films gives people an opportunity to do. By teaching LGBTQ+ individuals about film production, Rainbow Films creates opportunities for self-expression.

Lottery Charity Funding Helps Keeps Art Accessible

It’s important that art remains accessible for everyone, no matter their financial means or their abilities. Unfortunately, art programs often suffer from budget cuts, especially when times are tough. Funding from charity lotto organisations and individual donors can help fill the gaps when this happens. 

We must not lose sight of the value of art, not just for individuals, but for the future. The art that we create today can help our children and grandchildren understand what we were all going through in 2020. The connections that are built at these art organisations can help form strong community bonds that ensure that neighbourhoods survive, thrive, and provide opportunities for future generations.

When you play lotto online with The Health Lottery, you’re helping People’s Health Trust give money to deserving charities in communities like yours. You could be funding a choir that helps a single mother find support as she cares for her aging parents and her young children; you could be funding the filmmaking education that helps a struggling artist find their voice and go on to create award-winning, life-changing films. Art can be supportive, transformative, and what gets us through the day. We’re glad to be doing our part to keep creativity alive, and we hope you are, too.

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