Lottery Charity Funding and Unique Fundraiser Ideas

There is nothing quite like the feeling of joy and calm that you get knowing that you were able to do something small that made a big impact helping others out. We as people are hardwired to work towards the greater good and to help others where and when we can. When it comes to raising money for a purpose that is near and dear to our hearts, it becomes all that more important. Lottery charity funding gives lottery players a fun and laidback way to give back to their community. What about other unique forms of fundraising though? 

Bringing the FUN into FUNdraising

One of the most successful formulas for a winning fundraiser is to find a unique way to mix fun with causes that speak to our hearts. Remember the ALS Association Ice Bucket challenge of 2014 that swept social media? The challenge raised close to £94 million in just a short month. Not only did it raise awareness of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), but it also bypassed any other fundraising initiatives the ALSA had made in the past. Why was it so effective? The winning combination of doing something new and different, plus the appeal of using social media to challenge your friends, which made it easy for the event to go viral. Low donation amounts also meant that even those with limited budgets were able to donate while taking part in the icy challenge. In a way, it worked on the model established by the lottery: one the benefits of the lottery is that many small donations from people having fun can quickly add up to a large boost for good causes. 

Other tried and tested fun fundraising ideas include charity walks, casino nights, ugly jumper contests, movie or dance themed events, family game night or day out, and even free concerts and fairs. Selling scratch cards for charity is a great way to bring in an element of fun with the thrill of a possible win for players. 

Also, by creating something the whole family can enjoy on a budget, organizers are more likely to get a higher attendance which ultimately means more money coming in. The Go Ape event in London, which raises money for endangered animals, encourages participants to dress up like apes and run the established 8km race course. The combination of family fun, hilarity, and a cause that most willingly support, is a formula that practically guarantees success. 

Kids Lending Their Own Helping Hands

Even kids can get in on the fun with their own fundraising ideas.One 16 year old who was formerly homeless with his mum started making soaps to sell, with the proceeds donated to charities such as the one that helped him and his mum until they were able to get on their feet. He also donates to organizations that help stop child abuse after seeing a news story about a local young girl. 

Getting kids involved at an early age is a great way to ensure a life long commitment to the community and causes that need assistance. Kid and family-friendly events such as neighborhood charity block parties, garden sales, junk sales, kids art contests, scavenger hunts and dance offs are all great ways to get the little ones in your life excited about fundraising. Kids are always overflowing with new and fun ideas and creativity combined with an innate desire to help; by letting their imaginations run wild, not only are you encouraging them to explore something they may love, but when it’s channeled towards a good cause. It’s a win for everyone, especially when the whole family can chip in.

Caring for Others at Any Age

Whether it’s adults contributing to lottery charity funding with their weekly ticket purchase, children creating crafts to sell for a good cause, or the entire family participating in a group fun-run, helping local health and wellness charities makes everyone feel better.

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